Tuesday, February 20, 2007

20 Things you might not know about Me

1. Winter time gives me the blues
2. I had en emergency c-section 2 1/2 weeks early
3. lefty
4. been to Africa
5. want plastic surgery
6. want to get pregnant after the summer...
7. terrible cleaner, since I always had house cleaners growing up
8. favorite food is lasagna
9. I want to write a childrens book
10. major homebody
11. I don't like attention on me
12. I'm moody
13. I love going to the dentist
14. We DON'T go to movies
15. I love oranges
16. Pink is my favorite color
17. I'm a substitute teacher, although I don't do it
18. I love photography
19. I faint easily
20. I drive a black Yukon


Emily and Casey said...

I love these lists! I am going to have to do them. I have been out of the blog world for a minute, I went to St. George this weekend for my grandpas brithday party...short trip, so I have been out of commission. I am going to have to call you and tell you how to get a friends list...it will be too long to write, but I will call you. Your blog is looking good!! we need to get more people on board though.

Emily and Casey said...

on more question...why on earth do you want plastic surgery?

Lindsey said...

I stole them from Abby. Why don't any of our friends do this? I am a total loser basically posting things for me myself and I.
I want a nose job but Shaun swears he'd never let me. Lets just say now that I have nursed and gained and lost about 40 lbs I need some work. No time soon Em, I'm not done having babies.

Lindsay said...

You are going to think I am crazy but I came across your blog somehow--one person to another to another and so on. Anyways we are so much alike. My name is Lindsay, obviously, I have a little girl who was born in June, we want to start trying for another after this summer, and my little girl has a stork bite too (I think your little girl has one anyway!) I just thought it was too crazy not to say anything. You can check out my blog if you want--http://schoenfelds.blogspot.com


Lindsay said...

Hey, I am so glad that you didn't think I was crazy for leaving a comment on your blog. Thanks for all the nice things you have said about my little girl. I think your little one is absolutely adorable too. I will keep checking back to your blog to see if you have any updates!