Monday, February 19, 2007

20 Things you might not know about Shaun

1. He is a one heck of an entrepreneur
2. WAY into fashion
3. Gets his brows waxed regularly
4. Loves sushi (sick!)
5. served a mission in Brazil, and has a bad toe surgery scar to remember his dedication :)
6. watches the food network
7. Prefers to brush his teeth in the shower
8. never gets mad at me no matter what
9. he is a good at wake boarding
10. will not use lotion
11. Hates crowded places
12. Loves Josh Groban
13. Thinks he's a good dancer
14. 6' 4" tall
15. Watches what he eats
16. Cub scout leader :)
17. He has a porcelain front tooth (as do I)
18. He is allergic to melons, and avocado (as am I)
19. Allergic to cats, dogs, horses (yep, me too....we were meant to be)
20. Best father and husband ever!


Abby said...

is he from st. George?? HOw did you meet him? Wow, you guys have quite a bit in common.. Allergic to all the same stuff and what not...that works out well. Now where is your list??

Lindsey said...

Yes, he is from St George, but I never knew him. He graduated from SCHS in 98'. I met him at the lake. I was with another guy, he was with another girl. He knew who I was somehow. He kinda asked the kid I came with to bring me...What a set up huh?