Saturday, February 10, 2007

Our Story In A Nutshell

Shaun and I have been married coming up on 4 years in April. Time flies the second you're not thinking about it. We had our little girl last summer on June, 3 2006. Exactly one month after I graduated from Dixie State College with my degree in Elementary Education. I was ready to pop walking through the 'D'. Good thing no one really looks good in a cap and gown- because I didn't. Luckily, they are like bed sheets and they were black!

Shaun started building houses three years ago and quickly ventured out on his own to start his own company, Venetian Homes. He has really enjoyed this business. He also started a mortgage company (City First Mortgage) late last year, as well as a wood product supply bussiness (United Wood Products). He has a warehouse in Mexico where he works closely with a company there, and sells products to stair and cabinet shops here in St. George. He is currently working on deals outside of Utah as well. This explains why I never see much of my husband (who is married to his work and cell phone)!

Things are crazy in our lives as Shaun is nearing completion of two of his homes in St. Georges' new golf community, the Ledges. I am looking forward to seeing him a little more often after the Parade of Homes is finnished.

Gabby is 8 months old now and really getting big on us! She practices lots of new tricks everyday. I worry a lot now that I have to keep an extra close eye on her. I am really looking forward to the summer with my little family.

It's true, life doesn't really start until you start having kids. That is our purpose for being here! I never knew I could feel so much joy and fullfilment each day.


Emily and Casey said...

LOVE your blog! I am so glad you started it! YEA!

Abby said...

Lindsay holy moly Newby! How are you?? Its been sooo long since I've seen you! I'm glad you have a blog now! They are so fun! I want to see some pics of your little girl!

abby (lundin)