Saturday, February 17, 2007

Food for Thought

Saturday is my day with my husband. Everyone else gets no attention or time from him, and every Saturday we go to Tom's deli. We started doing this back in August. We have taken Gabby to Tom's with us for our weekly tradition and we have only missed a few days. We recently started giving Gabby table food...Her favorite, that she will not turn down....Tom's sourdough bread. Just last week we had to upgrade her to her own Loaf. We cut the loaf in half and Gabby ate the entire half last Saturday!!!! I wasn't thinking much of it except how fun it is that our little family is freakishly in love with Tom's. I was telling my mom that Gabby likes bread and she'll won't stop til its gone. Then she informed me that little Gabby probly won't be able to poop for a week. Aw, later that night she was in full tears trying to poopy. It was so sad, I thought I was the worst mom!

So, BALANCED DIET IS KEY! Everyone and their dog already knows this, but I guess when it comes to MY OWN CHILD, I FORGOT!

I just wonder how long we will be at Tom's on Saturdays. See you there. This picture was actually taken right after lunch ;)

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