Saturday, February 24, 2007

More Pictures from Africa...

This Elephant was just wandering along the road not letting us pass. We were in our van just putting behind him. We didn't want him to step on us...or trunk us or whatever. HUGE!

This is a cute baby Rhino! His mom got killed so he was rescued. We got to see him eat his bottles... 2, 2 liter bottles with "rhino formula". It was the cutest thing ever. His skin pretty much felt like a tire. The baby goat... Just leashed there to keep the little guy company. Haha.

The baby lions!!! So cute! They were a little wild. Shaun was getting rough with them so the little one by the fence put a hole in his shirt to teach him a little lesson. Good times!

Bangal Tigers! Shaun tried to hold this little fella like some kind of poodle or kitten....Not so much! He didn't like the idea. But Shaun was determined to 'hold' the tiger.

This one's for Abby...It is just a little hair salon, in the middle of nowhere! If you can enlarge it is says something about straight hair.....curls.... I can't really read it. Haha, I thought you'd enjoy this one.

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