Sunday, February 18, 2007

Slam your face

I am not sure what is so amazing inside that ball... This picture is one of my current favorites because she loves to sit and play with this toy. She beats her little hands on it and laughs every time she slams her mouth into it!! It cracks me up every time. This is also my favorite toy because it buys me time to blog. what a loser.


Abby said...

k she looks just like you! I love all that hair! THat slide show thing was cool.. I just might have to do that!

Lindsey said...

Her hair is pretty fabulous, too bad most of the time it looks kinda white trash cause she freaks out when I try to do it :)
You better add me to your friends since I only know Emily and you.
Oh, I was looking at little Christina Campbell?? is that her? wow, everyone has changed- we are so grown up, haha.

Abby said...

haha little christina campbell... yup thats here! She live in China! We are grown up...weird! Sometimes I don't like it!