Monday, March 5, 2007


We can't believe Gabby is already 9 months! She will be 1 year old tomorrow.........If we blink! She has definitely been lots of fun lately as she is learning many new tricks. She now says ma-ma- and da-da, waves hi and bye, pulls up to her knees, and attempts to crawl. She lunges forward and almost has it but falls to her belly.
She also just cut her top 2 front teeth!!! She was really good about it so they must not have bugged her too much. I think I see 2 more on the bottom too!
She is definitely all smiles and so much fun to play with! Things have been so wonderful with her especially with her now taking 2 90 min. naps a day and sleeping from 7 pm to 7:30 every night!!
She isn't the best eater; any advice on what your babies like to eat would be most helpful. Even if I don't know who you are :)


Emily and Casey said...

I LOVE all these shots. I love Photo shoot time, it makes me so happy! I wish I could do picture collages on picasa, but it is not compatable with my Mac yet, so no can do. They really need to get on the ball though. Anyway, I noticed that she is wearing spring clothes and it is still winter. Whats up with that?!! CUTE leggings.

Lindsey said...

Em, what are you smokin' It was 75 degrees here today! I had her in shorts. Those pics were the day we went to lunch, and yes it was a bit cold. Like I said....She grew out of her winter clothes. It is warm here now!!! YAY