Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm Baaaaack....From my extravagant weekend!

I am so mad I am having major issues with my posts! I have written a book about my vacation and somehow lost it! I guess all my time away robbed me of my computer skills.
I had an amazing weekend with Lindsey and Heather!
Heather looked amazing at her wedding to say the least! It was a great ceremony and very emotional. I cried like a baby the second she walked out the door. I was so happy for her.
We took Gabby swimming Sat afternoon between wedding stuff. I couldn't get in because that would mean I would have to get ready twice-not happening!
Lindsey and I headed to Vegas Sunday night so we wouldn't have to get up at 4 am on Monday morning....Yep, all you people judging me, I broke the sabbath. I called it a Vacation since it was my first night away from Gabby! Shaun made it 24 hours without me!!!
Lindsey is so funny and such a great friend it was so great to get away with her. We always used to go on road trips in college. We shopped and shopped and ate and ate! Then we went to Zoomanity.....Since I already did a way long post and lost it I am just going to say DO NOT GO TO ZOOMANITY! It is bad news and totally just wrong. I have seen all the Circe De Solei shows and they are incredible. Zoomanity is however disgusting! We only stayed about 30 minutes and realized it wasn't something we wanted to see. We had no idea it was so crazy! So, we felt bummed we wasted $45 to see a show. But at least we got them half price. We went to the room and ordered room-service instead!


Lindsey said...

Not that it is cool to comment on your own post first, I just have to say all that posting sucked big time and my TV didn't record American Idol tonight so I am ticked off!

Emily Blais said...

first of all...relax because American Idol was not on tonight. Second of all, its okay that you lost your post because I had already read it :) Awesome pictures though! I love them!

Abby said...

haha You are loosing your mind.

brandischall said...

Your friend looked so pretty, I love her dress. I am going to a wedding this weekend. Yay for weddings! And getaways! I heard about Zoomanity, AJ and I read about it when we were looking at the Beatles "Love" thing by Cirque du Soleil- very um..interesting. Lets just say all about sex! BTW I did post, a small tidbit, I am being lazy because nothing has happened. Oh, I guess I did go to SLC Sat. Maybe I should post on that!

Lindsay said...

Wow, where to begin.....It looked like you had a fun-filled weekend! Your friend Heather looked absolutely beautiful in her dress. You and your friend Lindsey remind me of me and my BF Lyndsey so much! I love that you stayed in the Venetian Hotel, that is one of my favorite places to stay! The pictures of you and Shaun are really so cute--what a great looking couple. I will definitely have to get a swimming thing like you have for Gabby. We took Kaitlyn swimming this weekend for the first time--yes I got it on video and will post it soon! BTW, I LOVE LOVE your Coach bag--I have one similar but not quite as big. Steve hates it that I am into to buying bags as much as I do--it is an expensive habit! Well now that I have the longest comment on the page I will stop!! Have a great rest of the week.