Sunday, March 18, 2007


First and foremost, I don't know how to do this and I'm not positive I know what a tag even is. With that being said- Emily Tagged me and now here is my list of "5 things about me" (that I haven't already told you)

1. I forget eveything! I'm a total scatterbrain and I can't stand it.
2. I talk to myself (yep, out loud. It is a little embarrasing because I don't realize I do it).
3. I am absolutely in love with the show So You Think You Can Dance! I still have both seasons on my Tivo. I'm talking like I wanna be in the audience one day, and possibly meet the choreographers/judges!
4. I love kickboxing
5. I can make the most incredible gingerbread house you'll ever see!

There is my list, I obviously had nothing to reveal. But now I am supposed to tag 3 people to make a list of 5 things or 10 since Emily did 10???? I don't know! So, when you see your name, make a list.

The Hafen Family
The Yates Family
The Schwartz Family


Lindsay said...

Haha Linds--I love So You Think You Can Dance too. Benji was my favorite. I can't wait for the next season!! I have never done kickboxing before....maybe I should give it a try and get all my frustrations out--haha! I have started pilates lately and it is really kicking my butt! I can notice a difference though and I am so excited! I will have to post my list soon.

Abby said...

Bronson and I LOVE sytycd too!!! I can't wait for this season to start!

Emily and Casey said...

Linds, I did not really know what I was doing on that tag thing either. I guess I was only supposed to do 5, but whatever. I am pretty sure there are no rules, so you did great!

Lindsey said...

I love that you guys both understand how fabulous that show is!!! BTW, if there is anyone who doesn't watch it....You will need to watch this summer.

TJ, Kristen, & Kate Lynn said...

Kickboxing is my all time favorite. In fact, I loved it the most during college... it was fantastic to go punch and kick stuff after those looong classes! I haven't been able to go in forever. So sad. Apparently, thats what having a baby does when your husband takes 20 credits in college and you dont live by family!!

P.S. Abby you are such a dork! Did you really just call it "sytycd" ? Um, that just reminds me 100% of high school.

Schwartz Family said...

Linds hey loved your list...I learned so much, I feel I know you a lot better now :) My email is I don't get abby's blog...can you help me out with that...does she have her own or is it just sugar n spice. This just shows you how far my computer skills range.

Schwartz Family said...

Linds- Good morning. Hey its called Twilight by stephenie Meyer. I am excited for you to read it. THis is sweet that we are talking to each other. Hey by the way how does your little girl sleep? Is she a good sleeper?

Schwartz Family said...

okay so you are so freakin lucky. Drew is like the worst sleeper ever. She still gets up like once or twice a night. I have been through the letting her cry thing like half a dozen times. We have finally gotten her to where she will usualy wake up about 4:30 then go back down. It is killing me. I still feel like a new mom. I am desperate for any tips you might have.

Schwartz Family said...

That just gave me an idea for a new post....maybe I can score some feedback from all you mommy's