Saturday, June 30, 2007

New "temp" home....AGAIN

Yes, We moved. It has taken 2 weeks to get phone, Internet and satellite tv here....NEEDLESS to say; I hate not having TV and a computer! Seriously. I was going nuts. I don't know how Kailee doesn't have it. I guess that is why her house is so much cleaner than mine:).

Anyway, I am back with a vengeance to the blog world! I'll post those fab pictures from my trip when I get my car back-which contains that special disc. I went all the way to CA with my handy little camera only to find; NO memory card!!!!!!!!! I could have pushed myself in front of a bus for that genius move!
More about the trip to come with the pics.
Any of you are welcome to come visit me up here. Just pack a freakin lunch cuz I feel like I live a 100 miles from anything. Haha. It is only about 6 miles up the highway. Just a side note, I have now lived in 4 houses in 4 years. Not moving from apt. to apt. like most people due to husbands in school or going in and out of States like normal people....I just have a crazy husband who likes to keep me ROOTLESS! Haha

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hello LA!!!!!!

I have been out of the loop for the last few days. I moved the other day. NO biggie!!! Shaun moved us on up to the Ledges house. So I don't have a computer or phone yet. I am so stressed out.
I left for LA today so I am blogging before bed so I can make you all SUPER jealous right about now.
We had reservations at the geisha House (that Ashton owns)....Um, from there we met the manager who got us into Paula Abdul's birthday party at Club Le Deux! It was soooo the bomb. I got pictures with Blake Lewis and The MIZ from the Real World. So many Idol contestants were there but I just love Blake Lewis!!!! He was sooooo freakin cool and nice. He really was so fabulous. I will post the pics when I can upload my pictures. How jealous are all of you right now???
The chubby guy with curly hair from last season and the girl rock singer with the really short hair...I don't even remember their names anymore... Paula Abdul is freakin tiny and sooo short. I am a good 2 inches taller than her. I was a little excited about that one. There were so many people waiting in line all night. We just got to walk right up to the front.

We are going to a few more hot spots the rest of our trip. Tomorrow its off to Wicked!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Gabby the Grouch

Today was the most boring day EVER....Gabby was the biggest grouch too. All she wanted to do was sleep and whine. I thought she was sick or something but she got a little better as the day went on. She would NOT smile at all today. I couldn't get her to give me any excitement all day. So lame!
I even got her yellow duck tub out and pulled her all through the house in it....half a smirk she gave me. NOTHING! She usually likes pictures. Nope. She kept pushing my face away when I tried to kiss her. As you can see she is pulling her head forward in one of them. Miss Madness! I was trying to do her hair and she would just keep pulling the headband off. I think it might be that time of the month. Hahaha!
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Friday, June 15, 2007

Not walking...

Here I am on yet ANOTHER Friday night wondering if I'll ever have any sort of a life again. I can't complain because last night we went to dinner and a movie. We went to the 9:30 Oceans 13 or 29...
I have to say, it was alright but I was way too tired to really focus on it. Brad kept my attention with his fabulously tailored suits and okay face. Mostly I was wishing I was home in my bed.

Gabby is still not walking and I wanted to give you all (because you would want it....) a hint of why she may be experiencing a little difficulty?
This picture is from her birthday party but if I went around taking pictures of her feet all day, this is what they would all look like. The woman "cranks" her toes under all day long! When she is standing, her toes are tucked! What in the world? She will never walk if I cant get her to uncrank her toes?!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Abs diet for Women...This just may be my body/food bible!

I picked myself up a copy of the Abs Diet for Women (and the eat right every time guide too). Can I just say I am totally smitten (yes, in love) by this book! It is by far the most interesting book about your body and how food works for you or against you. I am going to rave about it so if you are not interested stop reading and go eat a doughnut!

I will just point out a FEW interesting facts so you go buy the book.

It is based on 12 key "power" foods that help your metabolism and muscle work at their best for you.

It proves that after ONLY 20 MIN OF CARDIO (yippee) your body goes into depletion taking energy from your valuable muscle mass (which isn't good folks).

"....after 20 min your body hunts around for the easiest source of energy it can find--protein. Your body actually begins to eat up muscle tissue....Decreased muscle mass actually slows down your metabolism, making it easier for you to gain weight."

Don't get me wrong, if you enjoy a long run or bike ride, that is perfectly okay, you just have keep giving your body those carbohydrates that are instant energy before your body starts striping your muscles of protein. You can also replenish your carbohydrates and electrolytes and all that crap during your runs and whatnot.

I love this book because it simply educates you about all the best foods out there and getting your body to do all the work for you.

The hour or 30 min you are at the gym is only a TINY portion of burning calories. TINY!

Bottom line, eating, and eating a lot of the right foods is so important and it is KEY to getting your body to look its best. Not starving yourself and then accidentally indulging on unhealthy foods that just make you feel guilty. I love to eat, and I am not about to pass on food just to be thinner. In the end, that creates a serious disorder and by doing that, you are also teaching your body to store everything as fat anyway.

I urge you all to get this fantastic book. It has awesome recipes that are actually very delish!

I know none of you punks tried my power pancakes either!!! They are good. I am so passionate about this book and all it has to offer. It really changes how you think in the best possible way.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

A fabulous new Blogger friend!

I finally get to do a post about a recruit! Yippee! Tasha JEAN Romero Newby, has officially joined the wonderful world of blogging.
I told her she would instantly get a few friends (it doesn't hurt that she is freakin gorgeous either).
I am excited for her to join this elite little club of women who all have one thing in common (among so many other things), we all lack socially outside this Internet world. For so many different reasons whether it be due to kids and that inability to get out, moved because your husband is in school, or you got married and suddenly you find yourself with that one lifelong friend as your ONLY ONE! Not that this is a bad thing but variety is always great.

Welcome to this sickening addiction!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Birthday Bash!!

Tonight was Gabby's birthday party! It was really fun and she had the time of her life. I am pretty sure she didn't know everyone was there just for her but she was loving all the attention and chaos going on around her! I promise this is the last post about Gab for a minute...Turning 1 is a pretty big deal ya know. :)
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Sunday, June 3, 2007


Born: June 3, 2006
Full Name: Gabrielle Sullivan
Nickname: Woob
Favorite Toys: Leap Frog Learning Table, roll around balls
Favorite thing to do: Make a huge mess anywhere, pull out all the tupperware.
Favorite foods: Chicken, Carrots, Peas, bread, cheese, baby gold fish
Loves: Mommy, Daddy, pink blanket, medicine, food, stroller rides
Tricks: Walking along furniture, putting my lips on the back door, clapping, talking, bounce to music

Friday, June 1, 2007

Look who's turning 1!!!!!

TaaDaaa! Kristen made Gabby's birthday party invitations for me! I absolutely love them! She is great, quick, and cheap too! Thanks Kristen They look Fantastico!

Gabby is officially growing up too fast for me! I can't handle it. Before I blink she will be 2! I love that it isn't one year ago now (that was a lot of no sleep and a healing stomach) but I am kinda sad the baby stage is rapidly disappearing on me. I took a ton of pictures of gabby the other morning because her 1 year old photos are not in my possession yet.

She was doing all these funny little fabulous poses. She had me cracking up! She is so different than I am. Not shy AT ALL! I hope you think she is as silly and cute as I do:) She does this most hilarious fake laugh now that kills me!