Sunday, July 29, 2007

Breakfast of Champions!

Gabby's new favorite food:Nectarines! She pretty much pounds a whole one at once. I eat about half of it and then give her whats leftover. I had to take a few pictures of her devouring it. I love this little woman!
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

lame post...

This picture has nothing to do with my post except for the fact that she is my beautiful little love! I was sick of posts with no pictures!

This is just a forewarning, I have nothing to blog! I do however have a few thoughts:
My husband is fully aware of the new man on my mind. He doesn't pretend he is Edward but he DOES however go around biting me in the jugular. He thinks I like a man that bites. I let him in on the fact that his body isn't exactly like granite...But he did remind me that his thighs were VERY pale!
Secondly, Gabby is walking like a maniac. A drunk maniac, but she is very much so on the brink of just all out walking. She stands up by herself and take a few wobbly steps, stops and then walks again! FINALLY!!! Gabby, congrats, you are almost 14 months! Goodness.
She is way too big and heavy for this mommy to carry anymore! I think in a few days she won't be hesitant any longer.
I also have to confess that I purchased myself some horrifying Crocs! I admit to this just like I'll admit to anything else I buy. I am embarrassed because I give EVERYONE crap for wearing them....Look who wears them non-stop now? Yeah, did I mention they are blue? It was totally the only color on sale, ghetto! They are ugly too. I do love them whole-heatedly now. Sorry for anyone who wears them and is offended by my former harsh opinion of them.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ode to Edward

I have to start this post with two main points: I am not an avid (or even sort of) reader. I hate to read because it gobbles up soo much time. Secondly, Camie is wonderful for introducing me to my new lover, Edward.

I started reading twilight knowing, "this is going to be good because everyone is talking about it?" Still hesitant to actually plunge into it, I put it off because of my inability to actually complete books. I always start them intending to REALLY finish this one...Never happens. Too many days go by, then I have forgotten all about 'that one story'.

I finally picked it up and read. LOVED IT! I am typing as fast as my little fingers will allow my brain to type simply because I bought book # 2 today, New Moon. Yeah, I pretty much am dying to go dive head first into that one too!
Which brings me to my next point. The husband. Well, my taking to this book and the "stack" of books I bought along with it must have thrown him off. He already asked me a few days ago what had gotten into me. When I told him That The book was about a 17 year old girl who has a major thing for the hottie vampire kid at school he about burned the book. More lame kid crap he thought. He seems to think I only like stuff that is totally pointless when related to REAL life....He might just be right but who the crap sack cares? I dig it!
So, when I got home from dinner tonight, (went with Abby!!) he totally tried to justify the fact that I read too much now so he bought himself a LAME PlayStation 3 or 9 or whatever the new 'gaming console' is! LAME! I hate video games! What is the point?.....Yeah, we both had to eat our arguments! Haha.

On to the ever so fabulous EDWARD! I think in reading this novel I realize I am in love with another man! He might be a creature that does not exist but I kinda find myself thinking he is showing my husband up BIG TIME! I love shaun and all but come on, he is no Edward. With that said, I love my time to read. At least I can escape reality and pretend I am Bella right?
Edward is the TOTAL encompassment of what EVERY woman was expecting out of finding that true love. I have a new view on fairy tales for little girls; they are bad at setting their expectations for what's to come. No offense to any males-they are all only human!
I am a little too into Ed, I realize this but if you haven't read Twilight, go read it already.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Jobs I've Had-
Newby Buick
Jimmy Johns
Lone Mountain Dental
Washington Elementary, no not my student teaching either.

Places I've lived- Hmm, St. George
539 Diagnol
517 Belmont Dr.
300 N..... Ghetto, with Heather and April
301 S 1200 E
909 W Oakdale Rd
345 N....Cotton Manor
1923.....The Ledges
pretty sad

Places I have Vacationed-
South Africa
Nevada...Woo hoo

Places I'd like to visit-

Things I love-
Shaun and Gab
my wedding ring
Something new

Everyday things I enjoy-
Gabrielle, family time
eating healthy stuff I make
the computer (seriously)
Clean house (1/2 the time it's clean)

Monday, July 9, 2007

A yummy, super healthy smoothie

In my abs diet book there are lots of smoothies and here is my fave!
If you have the "Eat Right Every time" book it is the Orange Man one. I don't love banana at all so I use frozen mixed berries instead of the banana.

1 C skim milk
1/2 C frozen Orange Juice concentrate (I like lime too)
2 tbs Plain Vanilla low fat yogurt
mixed berries (about 1/2 cup or a little more)
2 tsp of Vanilla Whey Protien powder
6 ice cubes

It only has 2 grams of fat, and 10 grams of protien!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Swim session

Shaun is now officially out of town for a week, :(. He just left and I am not going to sit around and be miserable for a whole week so whoever wants to come swimming at my house is welcome to. Gabby and I are going to swim Mon and Tue. I suggest you all come over at least one day.
We could do around 9 am or later whatever.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Jeans too long, and legs too short!

I have always had a super rough time finding jeans that fit me right. Lets just say, my body isn't what they are molding the "IT" jeans around. I am super picky about them. So, EVERY time I get a pair of course they have to be altered just right.
I have had lots of people do them for me especially all the fancy department stores. I have a lady I use that is by far the best I've seen. She is amazing! They look exactly how they did in the store just about 10in shorter in my case. :)
Anyway, if anyone is looking for someone to alter jeans (or anything) she is great!

Jodi 619-6690

Thursday, July 5, 2007

A few things

I just have a few questions I'd like all you expert mothers to answer. I would also like to ramble on about some senseless details.

When do Babies go to 1 nap a day? Sometimes Gabby plays in her crib 45 min and I just go get her because she is obviously not tired?? (She never cries though-so do I leave her there)?
I don't know if she is just trying to tell me that she is ready to go down later or what. But if she misses a nap she is so cranky.

How do I upload a cute template/background to my blog? I have really cute digital scrap paper that I want to put on here.

I felt like I was just having one of those days where I had no energy, then it dawned on me! I never have any energy...I am always tired lately. I immediately thought to myself, great! I'm pregnant with number 2 and no perma home yet (I can't handle this little Nomad situation much longer). My dad advised Shaun to quit moving me because I need roots. Go dad!!! He always hears me tell my mom I want MY house, with MY Christmas tree stored neatly most of the year, a reason to buy decorations for the seasons rather than avoiding all cute thing because that is just more to pack for our next move. We have been in lots of wards. Our last one I managed to never get a calling. Hmmm, I wonder if they could tell from the sweat on my forehead and in the pits of my shirt that it was hard enough to just get there less than 10 min late. Or was it that they saw me out in the hall 80% of the time? Good men in my last bishopric, they knew....
I also want to ramble about the nonsense drive to town. By the time I get Gabby ready to go anywhere I've only got about 2 hours before I have to be Home. This makes my unrealistic "list" of things to do seem impossibly long. I usually get to Target and well, Nuff said. I spend all my time there and Gabby is upset the whole stinkin ride home.
I am also realllllly sick of my dang belly roll. I have been eating really good and working out. NO results. I am stuck! Shaun bought me this high-tec jogger stroller (I didn't even ask for it) and I have been going out and running (mostly walking, winded) the golf cart trail. It is great but wayyyy too much work. Still got this AWESOME roll on my gut sprinkled with some cute wormy stretch marks! I love it! SOOOO, lets just hope I'm pregnant to really get the belly going again!
Needless to say, I ramble when I have a lot on my mind! I just hope I'm not pregnant YET! I am pretty careless in the whole prevention thing cause I just couldn't make up my mind as to when I wanted to have my next baby!
Have a wonderful evening. I think I'll go pee on a stick......I'm like Kristen too. If I am pregnant I don't do well with keeping it in. I'd probably blog about before the stick dries.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The TRIP of the YEAR!

I finally have time to sit and blog about this freakin awesome trip! The first collage is from Thursday night. We ate at the Geisha House and then went to Paula Abdul's 40th birthday at Club Le Deux. It was totally random and by chance that the club/restaurant manager liked us well enough to walk us over and put us through those little velvet ropes! It was freakin cool to watch all these little "LA" semi-celebs file in. It was just a bunch of idol contestants and some other reality TV people. No huge A-listers....Paris was in Jail and Brit is in rehab right? Haha! BLAKE LEWIS IS HOT! The other guy is Mike from the MTV real world New York season 10, I always liked him.

These are some of the best houses we drove by. We totally did the driving ourselves! TOTALLY recommend this if you are a good driver! We got out at like all the houses and totally helped ourselves to peeking in the gates. The map guy said it's legal as long as you aren't scaling their walls or touching anything.
SO, from Top, left to right: Sean Connery's house, SNOOP DOGG!!!!, Demi Moore (Bruce Willis is directly across the street), Elton John who's house was simply amazing! Then Brad Pitt, Aaron Spelling, Dr. Phil, Tim McGraw, and Tom and Katie. YEP, that is them pulling in RIGHT straight from the airport! They just got back from France I think. The guy inside their gates told us it was them. Cool huh!

Wicked was freakin awesome! I loved every minute of it. So funny and just great! Aren't my sisters pretty? Seriously! This is also pics from the Chinese Theater and those are Brad's hands and shoe prints from 3 weeks earlier (the Oceans 13 premier/something or other). They are dated. The guy between my sisters is the actor from Blood Diamond. I don't even know his name. But he is dating Kimmora Simmons now. That is her and him with her publicist walking down Robertson blvd!

And that was the trip! The best part was maybe just being with my sisters. We have never done anything like this. It was so much fun. We laughed pretty much the entire trip! I got to know them all so much better. Even my own sister and I got to just hang like the old days. We loved rekindling the days os sharing a full sized bed!!