Friday, November 30, 2007

No shame

I know, these are terrifying. But it is so hilarious to see yourself this way sometimes!! Yep, hanging out by myself, in my nightgown (yea, grandma style one piecer= HOTTIE) playing on photo booth.
What a Friday night! My husband is sick as a dog holed up in the theater room. He's been there forevvveeerrrrrr. Poor guy had the flu and now a sinus infection. YUCK. I am keeping my distance for a bit. 
I am SO excited that I get to go to Vegas tomorrow with my off the hook sisters! Wahoo. I have missed my city that is home away from home :). Christmas shopping will actually be fun this year. Why? because it will be spent with my best bud sisters and most likely include a delish-i-oso meal at the Cheese Cake FAcTory!!!! { Ah, HEAVEN}. For all ya'll who haven't tried there lettuce wraps, do so! You won't be disappointed!

Subject in left field: I have been listening to old school smashing pumpkins lately. I used to write the little SP heart symbol all over my notebooks in junior high. For some unknown reason I thought I was cool. That same year I wore birkenstocks WITH SOCKS (gasp). Or Dr. Martens. I also wore cover girl powder in like 5 shades to light for me, lip gloss that made me look hypothermic, and I curled my 'bangs' with a 2" curling iron....Do they still sell those!? 
This was also a time when I could HALF an entire loaf of french bread and guiltlessly (or so I thought) dip a wadded up chunk of break into ranch dressing (im dry heaving as I type, and i'm pretty embarrassed at this point too) in between swips (something between a swig and sip) of Dr. pepper. Right after I finished that little meal I'd go ahead and tear open my butterfinger for the day for the walk back to DMS-through the dusty trail. All that lunch for just around $2 dollars each....and possibly just over 2,000 calories! Haha.

My bff and I also used to listen to, wait for it.... Tracy Chapman (sp?) in her car after lunch. We always had tons of extra time. So we would crank it up and sing along.....I now realize that tons of people probably heard how LAME we were and the bonus here is that we thought we had great voices.  

Pretty much every Fri. night bff slept at my house and we would come home late from whatever we did and set ourselves up a candlelit dinner for 2...oh yeah!  We would then pop 2 Schwan's man pepperoni pizzas into the oven and pour ourselves some OJ.  After scarfing down all the food (each pizza totaled 33g. of fat!!!!) we would head off to bed and fall asleep listening to Brandy. 

My point to all this? Music can bring back about a million memories stored in my (our) internal hard drive that I had forgotten all about.
Some of my fondest memories are pretty much centered around PIGGING out. Sad!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A weAk in review

We had a great Thanksgiving. That's about all I have to say on that since it was over a week ago now. 
Gabby has been sick all week with an ear infection (her first ever). It has pretty much sucked bad. Shaun had business in Mexico this week as well so I have been feeling a little bit overwhelmed. He is home, Gabby is getting better, and so I'm happy!
I just thought I'd do a post to put up some of the million pics we took of Gabby on TG day. She was RIPPING through the church, yes, I said church. Pretty much having the time of her life there!
On a different note: You all must run out and Buy Sally Hansen's 10 day NO chip nail color (in tough buff). It rules. They have some great colors too. Good buy!
In other happenings, Gabby now insists on wearing all my necklaces. Just the ones that are long and pitty. She'll leave them on for hours while we are up town. She also loves her purse. It is crazy to see how much she has changed just over the last 3 months. I swear she is 2 years old already. 
I bought Gab this Elmo late one night with bri at Wally's. Major hit! It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for her but she spotted him and screamed until I gave in. She takes him all over the house, in her crib at night and to watch tv wherever that might be. She is hilarious these days! She will give Elmo aka, "Melmo" a huge kiss and then bite his eye or nose!! I love this little woman!
Sorry about the grammar and total chaos of my thoughts, I was in a hurry!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

mother load post

I will just start with an advisory note of caution: This post will be a steam blower and many aimlessly wondering thoughts.
We were no longer able to avoid it. Yep, that day when the bishop calls and asks how you're doing and then says, Dun dun dun..... "Will you be able to speak in church Sunday?" Of course you can't say no so I foolishly replied, "you know it!" as if I was excited about it. {Yikes} end of topic.

Next please: Have you all heard of Melissa and Doug toys? SOO stinkin cute! has this pizza set(s) I saw today at a friends house with my sis. the cutest toys you've ever seen! There is also a sushi, birthday cake, and sandwich making one. Gab is too young but check em out if your kids are about 2 and up. She'll for sure be getting them for her next b day.

Another note: Yoga class, Tue. and Thurs. Nights @ 6:30 2$ @ the REC center!!!! Awesome teacher and killer workout. My legs are still shaking. See you there!

Transitioning here: I don't know what to get Gabby for christmas. If anyone has any age appropriate FUN (being the key word here) toys for an 18 mo. old I'd love some ideas. I hate buying waste-a-spacers that just clutter my house.

The Bachelor: What the Crap was that? GAY. Nuff said. 
I'll be watching the run-down on his decision tonight fo sheezy my gizzy's

Good steal(s): So I already told Nichole I'd give her my cute pottery barn drapes for her little girls nursery. BUT, I have some Javis Davis crib bedding that is about an 8.5 on the cuteness scale in my book that I'd be willing to really sell for dirt cheap. I will post a pic to see if it is anything that you pregnant (with girls) friends of mine would be interested in. email me if you are. javis davis stuff in not cheap. It's custom made when you chose your fabrics. (sorry, I had no close up pic saved on my comp)

Something to try on for size: SPANX!!!!! Have any of you ever tried on or should I say Squeezed your self lifelessly into a pair of spanx?  I'm sure Im the only one with a baby hammock for a stomach {lose skin-oozing gut if you will}.  I bought these pantyhose, i hate that word, at Nordstroms last weekend. Can I just say, I went to church last Sunday 2 dress sizes smaller? While still able to breath! They are the Shizniz!!  They make slips, full pantyhose, and my fave, legging style. Well, there are a billion styles actually. Great purchase for about $20. I didn't say they were cheap, just money well spent. 

Put this in your tummy: quaker natural granola cereal (the middle box pictured) prepared HOT as directed on back of box WITH cinnamon and a dab or 2 of applesauce.  SO delish!!! 

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I aM tHaNkFuL fOr...

my family
my home
great shoes
my yellow blankie
mom and dad
shirts that hide your belly on fat days
good conversation
Great company
brothers and SISTER{s}
hot cocoa 
fingernail polish
carbs! (I also LOVE being super bloated;)
heart of Palm
Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, Snoop Dogg, Edward Norton....yada yada 
dinner and a movie nights
hot showers
jeans, that favorite pair!
Time with loved ones
overdue catching up with old friends
being a grown up and feeling like a kid

HATE: Holiday weight gain! I'm a victim!!! 

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Time for a new post....

Even if most of the family picture session WAS a disaster (in my mind) we managed to get some really fun pictures that totally captured what having Gabby in our lives is like. I love this picture because shaun and I were laughing hysterically trying to make it look like it was effortless for me to swing Gabs using ONE hand rather than both. I felt like I was gonna drop her. I just love the feeling I get when I look at this picture. 
I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!
I love having my own little family! I imagine the good times ahead and just smile!

Last, I had to compile a disc for our Christmas employee party so I was going through all of our pictures.....This one is for Nichole, or anyone else that is pregnant right now who would ever DARE to complain about being large. I think I take the cake on biggest belly while prego. It's absolutely obscene!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tagged, again....

Thanks Mel, for thinking I might be interesting :)

1. I am almost obsessed with cooking strictly healthy foods only! Especially when it comes to gabby. She does not even like sugar anything! Ice cream? nope! Cake? nope! Shaun says I've ruined her childhood. By what, not rotting her teeth and stunting her growth? You decide. I add, purees, veggies, fruit and/or whole wheat to EVERYTHING!

2. I love to shop but have a REALLY hard time buying purses. I love them, but they have to be practical, have the right handle length, fit on my shoulder and against my body just right, and be a color that matches brown, black, and navy.....See the problem?

3. I ALWAYS wear black and brown together!!! (GASP) I know, It is supposed to clash. But, I only mix the 'red' browns with black. I just love it!! It always used to bother me if I saw girls at school wearing black shoes or belts with navy blue clothes, but I can wear black and brown together? Who knows why!!!

4. I like to be trendy but not overly. I would hate to be the girl that dresses so 2 years ago. I can leave the house with no makeup and sweats yet when I'm dressed up I have to be pretty much planned out from head to toe if it's a date night. My philosophy is this: if I'm not gonna get ready, I put NO effort into it so its really obvious! That way no one thinks I look like crap on accident.

5. I HATE my hair! I always have despised my stupid, fine, thin, grey brown/ash, limp lame hair! I wish I had that wonderful wavy, slightly messy, air dried, Milla Jovovich hair!! I also wish I could pull off short looks.

6. Oh, and I am pregnant!!! Okay, not really. Hopefully I will be in the next 2 months though.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Good Grief

Hello hello. We made it through the week! That is how I feel right about now as Gabby is napping and Shaun is working quietly in his office. I am relaxing physically and mentally for what feels like the first time all week.
I thought I'd share a few dOoZiEs from my week. I can't believe I'm supposed to be a responsible mother, wife and adult sometimes.
I rushed out to Costco to "beat the rush" on Fri. morning at 9:15. Well, I beat the rush. There wasn't a single shopper there. Opens at 10! (yep, I waited)
I went all the way into town Thursday afternoon and into the store with my purchases ready for checkout with NO WALLET!!!! Needless to say that was a ginormous waste of time, energy, and gas!!

Oh, incase you didn't know Tai Pan is now open. Beware: Shoppers paradise!!! I won't even go in, but I think you all should :)

Lastly, as I mentioned before, we had our family pictures taken on thurs. If anyone wants to see them feel free. The only catch is, you have to leave me a comment telling me which one I should use for our Christmas card this year.
This is the website for them. You chose Client Gallery and the password is woob (long story).

Advisory note of warning* 
a) I don't even want to talk about how retched Gabby's hair is in EVERY picture!! By the time we got there she had pulled it out already and It was an utter disaster!
b) I know my butt does NOT fit into my jeans. I knew they were gettin tight, but WOW! That song "girl, how'd ya get all a that ass in them jeans" is REALLY me!!! Sick! 
c) Decent pictures are far and few between for this fam. You all have no idea how bad gabby hates pictures! But I did want you all to notice what a great job Deb did aside from my child's squirmy, unruly behavior.  So, with this all said, I can now exhale!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


It took me longer than I wanted it to to finally get these up! It's been a long day for this family. We had family pictures today.....CAPITOL D-SASTER!!!! Deborah took them from Funny face, she is so great, Gabby on the other hand is a nightmare! I stress all day about making sure all of our clothes are ironed and perfectly matching right down to Shauns belt. Not that any of my preparations even pay off.  We'll see if Even the best photographers can get any good pictures of us!!
Back to the point of the post, Gabby loved wearing her costume and mainly just all the attention she was getting from everyone.  She was really into it.  We had a great time with family and had a great meal at Shaun's fams.