Saturday, November 17, 2007

I aM tHaNkFuL fOr...

my family
my home
great shoes
my yellow blankie
mom and dad
shirts that hide your belly on fat days
good conversation
Great company
brothers and SISTER{s}
hot cocoa 
fingernail polish
carbs! (I also LOVE being super bloated;)
heart of Palm
Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, Snoop Dogg, Edward Norton....yada yada 
dinner and a movie nights
hot showers
jeans, that favorite pair!
Time with loved ones
overdue catching up with old friends
being a grown up and feeling like a kid

HATE: Holiday weight gain! I'm a victim!!! 


Anonymous said...

hope you guys had a good time in LV. it was probably good to get away. well we are doing dinner next Sat. at 6 or 6:30. can't wait.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I forgot about the pictures we took of gabby and her hair cut. do you just want me to email them or bring you a cd, or what?

Brianna said...

"Brianna" must have accidentally got deleted from that list when you published it. Oh well, I know it was on there.

I got your text tonight but I was at dinner with SEVEN kids so I was way too busy. I'll text you tomorrow. See you in a few days!!! Wahoo!

Abby said...

great list.... im a victim of holiday weight gain too.... arrg! ohwell...

Michelle said...

Love your list. I am a huge hater of the weight gain but at least this year I have an excuse!

Camie said...

anyways...just admit your prego and stop blaming it on holiday weight...not saying you look it, I just know you are hiding it!

Lindsey said...

Disposable diapers

Kass said...

such a cute post I love it!

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Lindsey said...


Abby said...

what the heck was that?

Rachel said...

great list. thank goodness for germX. anyway, i didn't know you were related to Velvet? She is hilarious. and i think i lost your email address?

Lindsey said...

Yeah rach! ya did....I'm no longer invited to your blog!! What up with that sista?

Brad and Kaci said...

Liked your post. Missed you at Girls night. We will have to go to dinner or something! Kaci

Lindsey said...

Girls night??? Already? OH, I didn't know they had it so soon. too bad! Let me know when it is next month with Christmas and all. Yeah, lets get together Kac.

Brianna said...

Oh I'm so happy to see that you fixed your mistake and added me! See you soon!