Saturday, December 29, 2007


We had a great Christmas! I was a little bummed that Gabby wasn't more into ripping into gift after gift. She didn't even open a single gift without major coaxing and "help." We had fun assembling and wrapping the night before as a start of a new tradition??? Ha! 
Gabby was a riot most of the day just trying to keep up with what was going on. I think next
 year we may have to only do one family? It was a long day for her with no nap! {YIKES}
She got so many toys and the one thing she loves is the pink and purple car that I have to push!!  She wants me to push her in this from morning til night! Needless to say I park/hide it in her bathroom 90% of the time.
We have had these random sunglasses forever.  She found them one day and wore them non stop on her barbie 4 wheeler. Posing it up just like Mary-kate or possible Nicole Richie?? I was the paparazzi I suppose...

I also got a new do'! Well, its not too crazy but different for my recent look. You can't really tell from the self taken shot but it is tons lighter. I put light brown highlights throughout my WHOLE head. What an ordeal! And I was introduced to a whole new way to style my hair. Love it! My new friends Body and Volume RULE!!! (it looks kinda red in this pic, its not)

Friday, December 21, 2007

So annoying

Me and Shaun keep doing this LAME reaction email game. You try to shoot the sheep with the arrow to see how quickly your reaction time is. We both can't get any faster than "bobbing bobcat" Ewww! Like I sit here and play this during my free time!
check it out if you think you'd be any good.

I'm having a holiday blog break for now.  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A penny for my thoughts

Since my favorite posts of all time are other peoples random thoughts posts, I thought I'd share some stuff tonight (since Grey's in still NOT on!)

fitting jeans: not TONS of money, but still a lot (about $150): AG jeans. SUPER comfortable, with 5% stretch {poly-some-thing-or-other}
bottled water: Winder Dairy! It is actually mineral water so it puts back all those vital trace minerals that are lost when we sweat. Plus you don't have to push your heavy cart with all your might through costco. 
car seat: Britax Decathelon/marathon
yoga/workout pants:Victorias secret roll band yoga pants
online shoe store: ZAPPOS!!!! 
Gum: Wrigleys supermint? Freshmint? whatever, it's their newest flav
celeb gossip as of now: Jessica Alba pregers!
song of the moment (workout tempo) Britney Spears, "piece of me". I know she is terrible, I just can't help but love this song.
makeup, foundation: Jane Irridale (spell??) the best coverage in mineral powder form. Love this stuff!!

I know this is a lame post, just thought i'd share some goodies. Tell me your faves that I may not yet be aware of

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

For you lace! (well, "gabby's" tree)

So last year I didn't put up my Christmas tree due to the low clearance ceiling I was dealing with. So, Again this year, no tree. Until, my sister started giving me a little bit of a hard time cuz Gabby's getting older and loves Christmas lights. I caved and bought a little puke of a tree. It is just a little guy but cute for sure. It's a 5' charlie brown style I picked up at Tai Pan for $19!! Wahoo.
So, better {really} late than never!  I guess if you wanna see my real Christmas tree head on down to Newby Buick. That is it's foster family for the second year now:)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Best Idea!!!!

I'm sure I'm like the last mom on earth that thought of this but, JIC there are some of you out there that don't already do this....
I went to get my car washed yesterday at St George Car wash on Bluff. I go there cuz they are fast and do a great job. Gabby's car seat was Gaspingly, hideously dirty so I asked them if they have ever shampoo'd a car seat? Oh yeah, no problem. They will totally "detail" your car seat for the price of shampooing your mats!!! I thought of myself as genius for asking.  
When they were finished they totally put plastic around it and poke holes in it so your seat belt straps come on though and your little tot doesn't get all wet!!!!
GENIUS! (For any of you who have a Britax you know it is a royal pain to take it out and take it apart to throw it in the washer).

Thursday, December 6, 2007

WANTED: your address

Just getting ready to send out my cards and I don't have your address :(
Nichole -your new one please;)

aaaahh choooo!

I am sitting here blogging {duh} just waiting for Gabby to fall asleep.....Hmm, been here an hour now and she is still jabbering away. saying these things: Me Mom, Me mom, Me mom. Daddy? Daddy? NO!, NO!, Shoes, oh wow, and my personal favorite, ahhh chooo! The fake sneeze taught to her by my mom is her favorite thing to do. I love hearing her in her room talking to herself having a double sided conversation? Who is she talking to? Elmo is my guess.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Enjoying the holidays

I have to admit this is the first Christmas EVER that I have felt a little relaxed. I'm positive it is because I managed to have all of my Christmas shopping done!! Wahoo. With the exception of a few little onliners still left to order I'm all done!!! It feels so good to concentrate on what is important. I think i'll make it a yearly goal to at least be done by the 1st of Dec.
It really helped that we went as sisters and did all of our shopping together. We had such a great time together as usual being total idiots and eating as often as possible. I just wanted to tell all my sisters how much I love and appreciate you guys!