Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008


Tonight Gabby made me laugh (not unusual) before going to bed.

Our short conversation:
Mommy: Night, night Gabby.
Gabby: Night, night Mommy.
Mommy: I love you.
Gabby: I love you too babe.

It makes me laugh when she says things to me that Shaun and I say to each other. She always yells through the house, "babe, are you here" to Shaun. Or she says, "Shauny boy" sometimes instead of dad. But my favorite is when he gets home she often says, "hi babe."
I sure love this age! The pros for sure outweigh the cons of it.

Also, how in the heck is Stella 1 month old on Wed? I want to go back to the day I had her and just start all over again!!! It is so bittersweet to have a growing thriving little infant. She has been nothing but pure joy to me.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve and Santa!!!

Every year my family goes to the Pizza Factory for dinner. We have been going as far back as I can remember. It was really fun to go this year with all the babies and see the family again. I will say it was surely bitter sweet without Chelsi there. I always spend a lot of time catching up with her and Shayli usually. This year I was a little preoccupied with 2 kids anyway so it took my mind off her being gone a little. We usually go to my parents house after and talk a few more hours away. I love spending time with our families. especially our new little tiny foursome up here in the lovely snow covered Ledges.

We were lucky enough to get Gabby to bed before 8pm so Shaun could get started on Santa's projects! He was not too excited about some of the toy assembly but he was so excited to see the look on Gabby's face so it was all worth the time and efforts!

Gabby was a riot! She went from toy to toy in 2 seconds flat and when it was over she could barely chose where and what to play with. We decided that we should have gotten her half the stuff and she would have never known the difference! My car is STILL packed with presents from both grandmas houses! We are tempted to pack away all that stuff til we move! Where to put it all?! Seriously! Stella made out like a bandit as well. NO thanks to us. We got her 2 giant boxes of diapers and wipes! I did just get her a whole new nursery so I called it good enough with all that. kids are EXPENSIVE!

Shaun and I didn't do presents for each other again this year. I like it that way. We did do a donation in our ward and called it good. This has been a tough year for so many. Good causes are definitely a great cause.
We had a great time yesterday spending lots of time with both families! I am gonna really have to watch what I eat because Shaun's mom cooks the most amazing elaborate feasts! eating at their house is just like the segment from the Grinch where the table in Whoville is FILLED and it seems like it's a hundred feet long with all the food you could only dream of.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things I'm loving {NOW}

The Car seat Canopy! Love this because it is so stinking cold outside right now! I don't have to worry about it falling onto Stella's face. Keeps those germs and strangers who like to touch away. AND it is a nursing cover too.

Unsalted pistachios! I eat too many a day.

Bear Naked trail Mix. This is what I eat in the middle of the night after I feed Stella. I'm always SO hungry! No sugar or preservatives. They have packs at Costco that are perfect for the car or my purse. Check it out here.

Enjoy Texture Spray. This stuff is my favorite stuff I've ever tried. I have super fine, flat, hair. The only thing its good for is feeling soft. This stuff makes it have body but not feel like crap in my hair. I'm super picky about my hair feeling gross, this passes the test.
OPI: Makes Men Blush. Great natural nail color. Not too pink or peach.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm mad because...

I have this problem...

Today while I was driving, I saw a very similar picture on a billboard that said, "Cure your hangover" I laughed, then almost cried! YIKES. I forgot how awful/weird postpartum baby body looks. Good thing for daily-ish improvement.

On another mad note, Stella's blessing dress is not here yet!!! So much for spending $25 flipping dollars on 2 day shipping (5 days in advance)! Ugh!!! Family pics/baby pics are tomorrow! Crap! My kids are going to have ghetto pics unless I can get to UPS early enough and track down my MIA package(S)!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby and Me

Last night Shauns mom took Gabby to a Christmas party a friend of hers was having. Gabby had such a great time and when I got her all ready to go she just looked so old! It was so nice to have a night to myself with the baby. I just held her for 3 hours straight while I gorged myself on unwatched tivo episodes of my fave shows. It was quite a night for me! Sad! I love tv and never watch it anymore due to the heaps of laundry I do and my new 9:30 bedtime.

I am just so glad Gabby got to get out and do something really fun with her cousins. She needs things that are all about her where the new baby can't steel all the attention.

Things are still great, Stella has acid reflux but now she is doing much better and going 3 hours between feedings now. Can't wait until its 4, 5, or sleeping through the night! I'm somehow great on energy though. I seriously have loved every minute of having another baby. I don't know what I was so worried about. I am so full of gratitude and happiness. I just love staring at her cute little face and watching her eat and eat! I had forgotten how peaceful newborns are. I would love to know what they think and dream of all day long!
Now I'm ready to get all moved into our new house... Yep, We are moving AGAIN!!! I'm not even gonna pretend I'm not sick and tired of moving either! But at least I never need my carpets cleaned!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Best Big Sister Award

Gabby has adapted to having a baby (competitor in the home) so easily! I am so relieved at how amazing she has been with Stella. She loves her and is so concerned when she makes any type of noise. She likes to watch her eat, help mommy change 'stinty' diapers and even pick out her clothes and bows. Gabby has seemed to grow up almost instantly from the day before Stella came. It amazes me how much she knows and all the things she does on her own.

I love you more than ever Gabby, you are my biggest beautiful girl!

1 Week!

She is so WONDERFUL!!! I am absoluetly, positively, no doubt about it, in LOVE!
I love having two beautiful girls now! I could not be happier with my kids!

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Ready to go home!

Stella has been so sweet! I can't believe what an amazing experience it was to have her. It was so relaxing to have a scheduled birth rather than emergency c section. Things went so smooth and she came out just ready to be here. So far she has put up zero fuss! She is so beautiful, I can't believe you can fall in love with more than one baby. It is so fun to have a growing family and see Gabby take so well to her. She loves baby Stella and tries to help with everything. I was so worried about Gabby getting enough attention. Shaun has been an amazing help!! It would not be so smooth if he weren't helping out so much. We could not be more excited. I am having so much fun with her.
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You can see more pictures of Stella from last night that my mother in law took if you click here.

Meet the Newest Sullivan Girl

Both a little nervous
Suiting Up!
It's baby time
Stella Jane!
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Taking her to mommy!
First feeding
The girls!
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On our way to meet Stell!

I'm so mad this picture was blurry! I had Shaun take a few pictures right before we left the house. They all turned out like this. Oh well, you get the idea.... She is ready to join our family!

As it turns out, I pretty much went into labor when they were monitoring me and giving me fluid. My contrations were about 5-8 min apart so she would have been here soon either way.
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stella Jane!!

9:42 am
7lbs. 12oz. 20 in.
Pictures on the way!!!

Wed. Morning came and went in a hurry. I just got home and things are going great! Stella came out crying with her eyes open to see us! She is so amazing and is doing perfectly!
I have lots of pictures as soon as I can get to them!

Thanks to all our support and visitors!! We love and appreciate you all. Flowers, gifts and visitors made the week even that much more special! Thanks again to you all.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Potty Trained!!!

I can't believe Gabby is totally 100% potty trained! It literally took 2 days. I just told her that her baby sister was going to wear diapers and she was a big girl who could wear panties like mommies (Not exactly...). She was so in love with the idea that we both wear panties. I think that sealed the deal. She carries her basket of panties around half the morning trying to decide which pair to wear. She is hilarious! She will set out every pair, tell me who is on them and line them all up. Finally a decision is established. But then the hard part is getting dressed. You can probably guess that she will wear a shirt and shoes but never wants to put on any jeans of skirts or anything! Her personality is so funny and particular!
We usually leave the house with no pants on and put them on in parking lots.
She will walk around all day and tell herself, or me; no pee pee on mommies couch, or car or floor or wherever she is at that moment. She peed two times in her pants and felt so sorry and sad. I have no idea why. She would just tell me she was sorry and said, "oh no! pee pee on panties mommy!" Thank goodness we only had one poo poo accident. I threw them right in the trash. She was totally grossed out by the whole thing and wanted me to throw them out. The best part was, when I took off the pooped in undies she said, "no no doggie, don't eat Dabby's poo poo!" She totally remembered our dog (we had for 4 days) would try to lick/eat her poo whenever I changed her diaper! SICK.

Night time is still not good! Now that she won't go in a diaper (I put one on her at night just because) she wakes up super early, 6:30 or 7ish to go potty. At least her diapers are dry. I can't believe it. She also wakes up in the night pretty much every night and WILL NOT go back to sleep unless I take her to bed with me. It's so strange. I'm not even gonna try to enforce anything right now with so much change around the corner. I feel like it will just take so long so I might as well wait it out til I get her a big girl bed because that will be an adjustment all in itself.

Oh, and No Stella yet!

But don't worry, my sisters baby will probably beat mine!! She is already dilated to a 1 1/2. Me? Nothing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Best belly comment yet!!!

Tonight was my niece Addi's 4th birthday party at the Bear Mill. I had reservations about going in the first place since I'm embarrassed and not really into public appearances at my present state. But like I was going to miss a fun, fabulous family party. Gabby had picked out her choice and I stood in line by her side (of course). There were 3 older boys there in front of us and they all kept glancing back at me, or my stomach I should say. I'm guessing they were about 7 or 8 ish? 2 of them had the following conversation:

"Dude, What do you think is under her shirt?"
"A bouncy ball?"
"Dude, bouncy balls are NOT that big!"
I interjected politely and said, "I'm having a baby."
They looked at each other and one said, "Gross!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Still no baby yet

I am BaReLy hangin in there! I have got stretch marks for DAYSSSS on my belly. I never got this big in the belly with Gabby. I'm sure because she came a little early.
And, Mark my words, I'm positive this baby will weigh about a pound more than Gab did. At least. I was never this uncomfortable with her. I am to that point where you just don't really sleep anymore. a couple hours here and there at night. I am so excited to get her here and Gabby introduced and used to her..... That last one may take awhile! I held my new nephew tonight at my moms house and Gabby wasn't having it! She dragged the car seat over and told me to "Put him back!" and kept saying, (to the baby) "Hey!, That's my mommy!!!" But she kissed the heck out of him just as long as he wasn't in my arms!
GOOD TIMES AHEAD!!!!!! I can't wait to meet my little angel. Gabby and Stella will ONE day be best friends. I don't think it will take long either.

I'm on track to have a c-section on Dec. 3rd. I don't know if I'll make it til then. I go to the Dr. on Thurs and I'll be asking if I can have it on the 28th but we'll see.

Monday, November 10, 2008

You have GOT to be kidding me!!!

Shaun was just headed downstairs to give Gabby a bath. He steps on the basement floor and.... WET!!!!!! Soaked beyond belief! What the heck?! Our basement is totally flooded. Thank goodness for 24 flood damage. They came so fast and were in and out in 4 hours. It was really bad so our basement will be out of commission for the next 4 ish days. Yikes!

Also, Has anyone ever experienced their toddler to be EXTREMELY Attached? I don't know how to put more emphasis on the word attached!? Gabby is 100% paranoid that when I'm out of sight (meaning even walking to the laundry room without telling her) she FA-LIPS! Nursery and Dance class? FORGET it! On Sunday I had to sit next to her touching her for her not to cry. No strange adult can talk to her, she hates it so bad. I am so confused. She has always been a total mamma's girl but never this bad. She bawls her head off when I leave her with Shaun or even grandma lately. It only lasts a few minutes but She won't let Shaun bathe her, put her to bed, or half the time even hold her? Yes, I love her to pieces and I'm not complaining but She is about to have a major intruder/sister and I'm terrified she'll get 10 times worse if that is possible?! Will she ever be able to go to pre-school and trust that I'll be back?

Has ANYONE experienced this and how long does it last?

Monday, November 3, 2008

100 weeks?

I am seriously getting huge. I had a melt down on Sunday because I had literally grown out of all my church clothes. It was bad! Really. I had a meeting at 10 so I was in a hurry to leave but nothing fit. Finally I left wearing a dress that did not cut it and was too snug to fit my slip under... It's a good thing I live in Winchester... Lots of fashion faux pas going on up in my neighborhood. I could have died of embarrassment. I tried to put the focus on cute shoes and a great long black coat I wore. Hopefully nobody noticed my ill fitting dress! My garment top was a total belly shirt and my bottoms are so dang tight they give me the Inter tube silhouette! My dress was all sheer-ish around my globe of a belly. Why did at least 5 women put their hand on my belly? Probably to see if I was still breathing! What a disgrace!

Bad day...
You're probably thinking, Why don't you just wear maternity garments.... I do! They are belly shirts. And the Bottoms? Forget it! I do wear those too but the "Pouch" goes about 1/3 the way over my belly making me feel like I'm a Higgly Town Hero character who just pops in half! Not to mention it's painful. So I just bust a sag with the pouch so I get a really cute fanny pack look from it! I'm sure Shaun wants to just gobble me up right?! {Gasp}


Stella's room is for the most part done, it's just not decorated yet. But I don't know when that will actually happen. her colors are pretty much purple, blue and pink. I really like how it's all coming together. I have quite a few accessories to get. I also need to hang her picture frames and shelf. Should be pretty cute when it's all done.
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This year Halloween was so much fun! Gabby has loved every single thing about this month. She wants to go on a ride almost every night to see scary houses. She always says, "mommy, one more time pweese" and "Where'd scary go?" She has so many little expressions that just make me laugh.

She dressed up as Tinkerbell for her Halloween party in Dance class and then I dressed her and I up as kitty's for the trunk or treat party because she always meow's and licks everyone!
I got lots of comments about having a HUGE litter on the way! Fabulous. I thought black was slimming? Hmm.
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Gabby growin up

I took these pictures a couple months ago and never looked at any of them. I can't believe how old my baby has gotten. She acts so old and especially sassy lately. The sassy part is not my favorite because it is usually her trying to work me over big time! Her little purple dress is one of the things I brought her from our Mexico trip in Sept. She loves that dang dress!
The BROWN MARKER is her pitty makeup! Luckily it came right off with a wipe. I don't know how she got her hands on that marker, I thought I'd thrown them all out due to the same incident with a green one!

I love this little diva!! She is growing up so fast.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bed Time Battle

Attention mothers who are control freaks or at least schedule Nazi's:
I realize I'm about to have 2 kids so absolute schedules are not always possible (if ever) 
BUT Gabby is out of control right now when it comes to bed time.  Must be a phase? I'm not sure what happened to my little sleeper.  She was the best sleeper from 7 months old when I decided to sleep train her. Until now.  I pretty much need some moms to tell me what worked for them with 2 year olds who refuse to go to bed period.  When does she need to quit napping? Is that the problem here?  She just fell asleep after 3o min of me tickling her back, like most nights now.  I have no problem with this except for it won't be possible for much longer and I hate her to rely on me to actually fall asleep.  She won't let Shaun put her to bed anymore....See the problem. There is only one of me.  She throws major tantrums about pretty much everything now too. 

Is she done with her crib?
Too old for naps?  
Waking up too late in the day/going to bed too late?  Obviously, it's 11:00 by the time she's really asleep every night!

Wakes up at 9, naps at 2 or 3 and goes to bed too late! 10:30ish.

Leave your thoughts or advice even if you're stalking me. I'm way too close to delivery date have this struggle much longer.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Still 34 weeks?

Didn't find out a whole lot at the Dr. Today.  I figured he would wait a little longer to do another ultra sound because it is still pretty soon.  I go in 2 weeks to get the ultra sound to check the baby's weight.  That will determine a lot more.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First day of Dance

Mind you it was her first day...She has no clue what is going on. But it didn't phase her! I love it. I hope she always has this much confidence.

Today I took Gabby to her first day of "ballet".  She totally LOVED it!! I think she was just excited to wear the outfit.  Maybe the reason she is still wearing it at 5pm....
She was really nervous at first but they let me stand in the room in the doorway to watch.  When I waited in the mom room she came looking for me a few times but went back to dance as soon as they put music on. I think in another week or so she won't even look back.  I can't believe my little baby is a toddler in dance class who {tries to} follows the teacher!  What a cutie!! I love you Gab!!!
I also could not get over how much she looked like her daddy today.  She always does but she just totally resembled him today more than usual.
I wonder who Stella will look more like.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Too big to eat, sleep or breath

Today when I tried to put my uggs on I nearly fell over and could barely get my feet up too my hands.  It dawned on me that I'm pretty much a valid handicapped citizen now.  Seriously.  I can't sleep very good now because I can't get comfortable or even catch my breath.  At least my Dr. assured me that I'm not out of shape, it's just that my lungs are being compressed by vital organs and the home of Stella.  
At least I still feel pretty dang good, just disabled.

I've totally moved into nesting mode this weekend.  I am SO not the type to spend hours and hours {enjoying} organizing and cleaning.  On Friday night I got out all of Gabby's baby clothes and sorted through them getting out all the stuff I needed for Stella.  Made a HUGE D.I. pile and then took it all to my sister before taking it there.  I cleaned out tons of space and made more room in my storage room! Wahoo.  I had saved every onsie and poo stained jammie she ever wore.... I didn't get rid of one thing! SO not like me?  I must have considered everything she wore to be sacred.  Then I organized all my downstairs closets! It was amazing. As good as a great date night probably.  Saturday night Shaun took Gabby for a few hours while I cleaned out my whole pantry!! Loved it.  I had crap that expired in 2006.  I was pissed off at myself because I've moved twice since then and I packed all that shiz both times! 
Next thing for me to tackle is organizing the toys... All of Gabby's toys are still in ghetto gray bins (from moving of course).  I am finally getting some toy storage from PB.  Can't wait for UPS to come this week!!

Oh the things a mother gets excited about.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stella check up

I had my first 2 week appointment today. Interesting news.  My Dr. is kinda stumped because if we are going by my first ultra sound I'm 31+ weeks today.  But I measured at 34 weeks today?  He is thinking my original due date (Nov. 21) sounds more like the baby's size but we still are taking my due date week-by-week for now.  I Feel HUGE! I could technically be 5 weeks away from having this baby! Time will tell.  I was tested for Gestational diabetes today which he thought I may have due to the baby's size. BUT, nope. I was surely clear of that.  In two or 4 weeks I will have an ultrasound or be poked with a needle in the belly (ouch for baby and me) to check the baby's lung development and size.  My Dr. is scratching his head this week.  He cannot induce a c-sectioned uterus so I'll have to go into labor myself or take the baby c-section again. We'll see.

Monday, October 6, 2008

French Toast the YUMMY Way

Lately I have been on a french toast kick. At least 3 times a week I make this for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  

What I use:
Wheat bread
frosted flakes 

Make your batter however you normally do. Crush up frosted flakes on paper plate and dip the bread in the flakes (both sides) before you put it on the griddle.

SO delish!!! (I'm slightly pregnant so It may be gross to the general public)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spoon Me

Just incase you all haven't already tried Spoon Me, it is fabulous!!! It is the same thing as Pinkberry I'm sure-ish.  It is so wonderful, like heaven in a dish with fruit!
I'm a fan, I hope you are too.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More California pics

As you can tell, gabby did a whole of dancing at my cousins wedding. She danced 80% of the time. 
So, She needed a LOT of this!
Pregnant sisters!

Sweaty family picture
Daddy daughter shot

She loves her grandpa!

Lots of pictures I know, but we had a lot of fun and it was a great day!