Monday, January 28, 2008


Did you know that if you eat local honey it helps with allergies? It totally works!! We use honey from Santa Clara and I haven't had any allergy problems since I had Gabby!!! i used to have THE WORST allergies. 
I eat honey on the regula!

If you cook fish or anything smelly you just set out a cup of vinegar and it absorbs all the smell.

Put a cup of vinegar in your laundry (with no soap) to wash your bathroom rugs. Good as new!

Spit on blood (it was to be your spit for your blood or whose ever blood it is) and it will remove the stain. You put it in the laundry and it's gone.

I also love this website I found today as I wasted the entire day on the computer wanting to redo Gabby's room for a 3rd time!! (i'm not allowed so don't worry).
And, this website is the bomb too!! Even though i'm not really into modern style, I still think it's so cute.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blah and bleak and blur

Who knows what the deal is with me. I feel like I'm being a major bummer to be around lately! Well, I know I am now cuz Shaun told me... I am feeling super lazy but i think it's depression maybe.  Not like, I need meds depression, just the "I'm sick of winter" depression! I am so bored I could choke myself!!! Is anyone SOOOOO ready to go swimming, to the park, out for walks, sprinkler running and whatever else we do in the summer! I am so sick of January. Come to think of it, I am pretty sure I start to feel this way EVERY year a bit after the new year/holiday season wears off. 
I am terrified of laundry, cooking, even getting out of bed these days. SOS....
I feel as pathetic as Britney Spears! 
I am starting KinderMusic with Gabby soon so that should be fun for one day a week at least.
Also the Circus is coming to town on Jan. 30th! Gabby LOVED it when I took her with my sisters several months back. I hope she likes it more now that she is a little older.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Male Vs. Female

One Sweet day??? Wow, this guy is pretty incredible and creepy almost! 
Jenny put some other songs he did on her blog. I think it's pretty entertaining!
Seriously, who does this!?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bringing my blog back to life

I am making myself come back to the old blogging standards that I used to keep. While it's true that lately my lack has been a great thing around the house, it's not good for my mind. I guess my little vent/rant/rave/ponder posts actually help me keep my sanity or something. I am needing to blog my thoughts. So, after my SPLENDID night of programs on the line up tonight, I shall blog! Well, maybe tomorrow during nap time I'll cram a sess in...
For now, here are some thoughts from today.

Heath Ledger!!! No comment! I am totally sad about this one. First visit to Perez today, and this is what I find? NOT cool-Hooray that Brit Brit or "Unfitney" is not gracing his every post for once though!

I need a great marinara recipe that isn't too hard, but is way good. NOT from concentrate, a.k.a bottled crap. I also would love any good, easy dinner ideas? I am slacking in the kitchen... Help would be greatly appreciated :) 

TV shows that you all must watch: (aside from like 50 others that my lazy butt is an addict of)
Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab! So sad, true, and real. I had NO idea that drugs were so HUGE! I am so living in a bubble. Does EVERYONE do cocain? 
Chelsey Lately She is freakin hilarioso!! Seriously, I love when people are so blunt about TRUE cleb crap. She is the bomb. Watch the little clip to get a feel for her. Love her!!!
Snoop Dogg's Fatherhood Some of you may know, I am for some reason unbeknownst (I totally stole that word off Celebrity Rehab from one of those dang Baldwin brothers) to me, I am obsessed with Snoop Dogg!!! Totally have been ever since my sister used to drive me around in her SWEET Pontiac Sunbird that was teal I might add! We turned up Gin 'n Juice or Doggystyle more often than not! His show is so great. I'll admit he isn't the cleanest act I've ever seen but he is so funny and lerpy and just fabulous!

Desperate HWOC finale tonight! (just throwing that out there)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Birthday babe!

Today is Shaun's 28th birthday!! I can't believe I met him when he was 22.  Where does the time go? Well, in honor of him on his special day I thought share a few things about him.
1. Super generous. He is always very generous to friends and family. 
2. Germ-a-phobe! He has our cars stocked with Purell. 
Gaby even has a bottle behind her car seat that I have to put on her hands right after my store visits.
3. Smarter than the average Joe. He is way smart when it comes to buisness and even book smart. He knows everything in the BOM and Bible like he was there.
4. He is super into fashion. Well, he tries to pretend like he isn't but he generally looks 10 times better than I ever could.
5. Showers at least 3 times a day (ANNOYING)
6. Takes his own (Irish Spring or Dial) with him on every trip! Won't use Hotel soap or other peoples used bars. I guess I just never thought about it?
7. Refuses to moisturize! His poor skin might as well shed like a snake.
8. Loves to watch movies at home, not in the theaters 
9. Eats cake, brownies, and all other desserts in a bowl with milk poured onto it. Then stirs it all up! Sick.
10. blue eyes, 6'3", bald and BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Happy birthday Buge! I love you.
We got up and let daddy sleep in as long as he wanted and decorated the house. Gabby had so much fun pretending to blow up balloons after I'd tie them. She thought the celebration was all about her. I'm not surprised in the least.  I got Shaun a digital Photo frame for his new office. I'll have to do a post on United Wood's new location. It is looking SO great I love it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I have absolutely nothing to post about. I am sure I could come up with something but Blogging is beginning to lose it's luster I guess. It's almost my one year blogversarry. I think the honeymoon is over...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Feeling like a million bucks!

Last week, all week long Gabby woke up in the night like fidy times! It was so wearing on me. I had forgotten what getting up countless times feels like! Who's ready to have another baby.....(no, still not prego).
I feel like a million buck today. I was able to sneak off to bed by 10 and wasn't awakened by my husband at 5 am somehow when he got up. Only to be sung awake by Gabby in her crib at 8:40! I overslept but it felt Grrrrreat! Considering that I was at the dentist yesterday having my mouth drilled open for 3 hours I deserved the rest.  Wow! My mouth looks bad. For any of you who see me in the next few days, I'm apologizing now.  I have stitches all over the place. Fugly!
A few things: Have you all checked out Gap's new Mediterranean line for Spring??? Cutest stuff ever!! Those shoes are to die for. Shaun is unaware that I bought the majority of it all. It is so dang cute!! See it for yourself.
Gabby loves my bucket of lip gloss and lip stick. She always needs to be heavily supervised near my things. Yesterday I had no choice but to get in the shower with her on the lose....Yeah, all the hard work I went to in gathering her favorites (toys) prior to the 6 min shower were useless. The pictures show only 2 of the glosses she 'wore'. Unfortunately, the others she spread all over my carpet! Love you Gabbs!!
Last but not least, I spent a good hour on this site. It is outrageous what we Americans consume in a quick fast-food run to where ever! YOu just type in any fast food restaurant and then select a choice. It tells you the whole nutrition facts and then how much exercise you would have to do to burn it. 

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New goals {some reinforced...} for 2008

1. Take Gabby off of bottles FINALY!! (ps, I just accomplished this one, 3 days running!!!)
2. Complete 10K run (march 13th) for fun and POSSIBLY a half marathon later this year?
3. Workout at home more often
4. Stop biting my nails forever.  So far so good! You should see these nails of mine;)
5. Lose weight, blah, blah, blah
6. Play games with my husband. Card games, that is.
7. Introduce myself to Willpower and ban my frienemy, Temptation
8. Start at least one of my business "ventures." I'm totally gonna be famous or rich so watch out!
9. Cook at home, like every night?? Okay, 4 nights for starters.
10. Be nice to my husband even while watching my precious TV programs!
11. Stop putting off my chores.
12. Only wear "mom" sweats at night rather than all over town looking like a hot mess!!!!

HaPpY NeW YeAr my Bloggas!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Because no one blogs anymore...

Where oh where have my blogging friends gone?
Since no body blogs anymore I figured I'd do 2 posts in one day.
Last night for the 3rd year in a row, we did not stay up til 12 to ring in the new year. I hate staying up late for whatever reason I'm not sure. I just really like to sleep I guess.  Instead we had a date night. We went to dinner and a movie. P.S I love you was not my favorite movie. It was too depressing for my liking. It was kinda mean to do that to her. It was a great Hillary Swank performance though.
Lately Gabby has been going through a tough stage. I don't know if my nerves are just tired of it all or what. She is super needy and very demanding of my CONSTANT attention. She has never been one to play with toys for literally more than 5 min without me or someone playing with her. She also does not watch TV at all. She will tune in for very brief intervals. What is the deal?  She is fun but so exhausting.  Moms with kids, please chime in now....
Lastly, here is a picture I took today for no reason other than they are just my 2 loves! They make me whole. Gabby is my whole heart! And It just hit me how amazing my husband is. He is officially the dad, father, husband of a lifetime!!! Thanks honey for sending my and my friends to the Belagio on you.  I truly appreciate your generosity and love for me.

Must haves

I don't know if it is my new cut or the products.... I'm guessing a little of both but I recently took a trip to an Aveda store to get some recommended products. These are so amazing! I can wear my hair unwashed for a second day for the first time ever!!!!! By day 2 my hair has always been so stringy, flat and oily looking.  I bought this powder stuff and the hairspray and they are wonderful. About 2o bucks each, a little steep but worth it thus far.