Monday, February 25, 2008

a tag

My sister could obviously see that my blog sucks lately. I am really lazy about posting and uploading pics. So, I needed this one.

1. Favorite pair of shoes right now....
this one is easy! I LOVE these Miss Sixty shoes, I wear them soooo much! Only my pair is silver and gold not green.
2. My new years resolution.....
To STOP biting my nails!! Since just after Christmas i stopped and have not taken a single BITE since then. It's been months! UNTIL, 2 nights ago I started watching One Tree Hill and started biting them when I found out Lucus got Brooke pregnant!!!!! (I hate her right now, mind you  I'm only in season 2. Thanks Lace).

3. Are you listening to music right now?
Woob is watching The Doodle Bops
4. If you had $200 to spend on yourself...
massage and facial
5. Random thought...
I am sick of being me! For a day or a week, I'd like to be someone famous so I could snap out of it and appreciate my life and troubles again. Oh, and my friend helped Elton John spend thousands of dollars in Fred Segal! I LOOOOVVVEEE Elton John and would have loved to help him shop! (He does need help in that department, apparently he came in wearing bright purple shoes). For now, I'll just have to settle for pictures of me outside his mansion in Beverly Hills! PS, I wouldn't wish to be him however! 
6. Favorite place in the city you live in...
EASY! Soon to be: 

7. Book you are reading...
Nothing, I wish I was reading this!

I tag Brianna, Marla and Abby

Friday, February 22, 2008


My little baby has become quite the big girl full of opinions, ideas, and other independent characteristics lately.  She used to be so good around the house. Occasionally getting out tupperware, treats, towels, combs and whatever else she was into.  As of late, it is more like coloring on walls, dumping out entire boxes of cereal, and or breaking eyeshadows! I am a little over this stage. I feel as though it might last a while though. YIKES. This explains why I am still in a sweatshirt today.....

Also, gabby is approaching 2 I am in need of a big girl bed??? Or should I wait? thoughts and opinions would be fabulous.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I love this!

All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Post Snatcher, Which one are you?

Most of you are on here, although if I am only friends with you via the "blognet" I'm not about to try and go there. There are one or two of you that were present for multiple occasions...

1. In college we were on a completely unnecessary field trip looking for bugs. You had a mishap in the mud in your brand new running shoes!!!! I nearly peed my pants, might have a little actually!
2.We would cruise your bronc on the 'vard' and drop Kasey off at least once a night to um..., change (without her mom finding out:)
3. We pretty much sat the bench, and became bff from it. We made up a game on the bus in PITCH black using our flashlights to make faces. It was one of our better moments!
4.We made a SWEET music video to Spice Girls, 'Do ya wanna be my lover" in Gina's basement. (This one may include 2 of you?)
5. Pretty sure you came to my window at least once a month. One time we ventured off to Park City to show our support.
6. We took quite possibly the best road trip to State basketball and ALL fit into Laura's jeans.....I mean, we would have, if we would have tried them on......One of you got the nickname 'Mute'. (Three of you)
7. In 6th grade we had the same shoes and pretty much wore them every day. We rocked at Inter-murals "king pin" (most likely because we were flat as boards still).
8. We swam at my house all the time and pretended our boyfriends were Brandon and Dylan from Beverly Hills 90210!! Sad!
9. We BOTH used to pee our pants from laughing together. We have kissed probably 5 of the same guys. Or more. 
10. You melt string cheese in the microwave and sqeeze it out. You taught me how to play Yahtzee last year.
11. We used to steal the buick and do drive-bys to all the guys we loved. I used to ask you if I could come with you EVERY where you went! 
12.  Me and Lacy used to play night games in your backyard almost every weekend for at LEAST 2 years.  Lace pulled a good one and broke a window on your house! (2 of you) 
13. Me, you and Marcie used to walk all over going to Snow shack, Smiths, Subway and back to your house or Marcie's. I peed my pants (big surprise) while you died my hair in your tub!!
14. I went to your cool 9th grade party with Erica, being a big "soon to be" 10th grader. We were way cool so we hung with the younger crowd....
15. We used to go to Snow Shack DAILY after soccer practice in your truck. We invented the drive thru there.
16. We went shopping in Vegas and I followed you home in your mini-van. You neglected to turn on your lights, it was dark. And you were seemingly falling asleep at the wheel cuz you were all over the road!! 
17. We went to SLC together and ate at The Blue Iguana!!! They basically served us melty cheese plates. I called random boys from a phone and talked to them as long as possible!
18.  I used to come to your house almost daily all summer after 7th grade. Your boyfriend (at the time) was Cody McCan. We played soccer in your backyard every night.
19. All you wanted was a stinkin veggie dog from Pinks!!!
20. We both had a thing for Chase Hansen....(I still might, haha)
21. You cut me out of my picture with my boyfriend in all your jealous rage!! hahaha
22. You once helped my clean up a giant mess of honey made by none other than my daughter.  You provided all the support and wet wipes a friend in need could ask for!! We also both HEART Sharky's (may it R.I.P)
23. We used to sit together in College and DREAD every minute of a certain teachers antics and smarter than thou lectures.  I have to admit WE were the cool table. "Table 5!!" just thought they were.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I acidentally had a redbull a little late today and I also accidentally have a bad case of AnXiEtY as well.  Anxiety has never really accompanied me through life until I had a child. I don't know what does it to me, being married to Shaun (major stress/anxiety case at all times) or just getting older and having way more responsibility? So, I am up going through pics to scrapbook and blogging {perfect combination}.

Hence, the tribute:
My loving husband. This man is surely my Valentine and surely generous, supportive, kind and fair to me. Not to mention, dead sexy! Love him! This is us in Cabo at Lovers Beach, the perfect setting. Too bad it was a hundred years ago and I haven't been on a real vacation since I had Gabber.

My beloved dog Jackson. (whom I GAVE away and now painfully regret!)
This was my litte man, juge! He was seriously the best (unpotty trained) dog ever. Never once did he chew on something that did not belong in his mouth! He was easily my biggest fan and probably the only man who knew all my flaws and still thought I was perfect. I am totally missing him lately and wish I could go steal him back from the Venezuelans in Bloomington. Sometimes when I know they are both at work I wanna go to their house and knock on the door and see if he barks or better yet, meets me at the window!!!! 

Doing "The Paris"

I know I have been posting loads of Gabby pictures lately but this one is for my sister. In my last post, she commented that I should teach her the Paris.....I did, and she nails it!
Last year my sisters and I took a girls trip to LA.  We must have taken 200 + photos all over Hollywood. I was really sick of my arms looking fat in pictures.... So I came up with a little scheme, or borrowed it really.  I put my hand on one hip like Paris Hilton ALWAYS works that annoying pose, and stand kinda sideways to hide the other arm!! I feel like my photo pose is genius! The best thing since Walkman and Tab (name the movie please) 

In Closing, I'd like you all to notice; I'm 99% sure my little Gab is in fact a LEFTY like her momma!!! I'm excited! Shaun however is not thrilled at all. I'll have you know there are many fabulous south paws out there... This site has a pretty impressive, interesting list-a-lefties.
I'm happy to share my LeFtieNESS with Jimmy Hendrix, Oprah, Ringo Starr, and Mozart just to name a few.

Friday, February 8, 2008

20 months

Always wants to be on ANY telephone! (saying "eh-woah")
I love that little grin!

I cannot believe that Gabby is almost 2 years old! I am in disbelief that time has not only flown by but that I made it all along the way as well. There have been some really challenging days (and nights). Every minute has been worth it because my love for her continues to grow. She is perfect for me. Teaching me things I might have never learned and showing me a new way to live.  I am so proud to be her mother. I look forward to every day to come with her!
Lately she loves to say "Chee" for the camera!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Heart These

I just needed to do a post so, here it is. I haven't shopped at the GAP in FORRREEEVVVVEEEERRRRR. I was there this week and fell in love with 3 things.
These shirts fit so great and I think they are so cute
. I love plain Jane for some reason lately. So, I treated myself to them. You should too.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Just outside the gates

I took this picture about 4 months ago so it's old but I was going through some pictures tonight to put on a disc and I saw this one. I was messing around with the aperture for my photog class. When I see this picture of Gabby it makes me think how close to heaven she still is. It reminds me that the veil is so thin for her and I know why she is so happy. She may still remember everything or just tiny pieces, I don't know. But either way, she is just outside the gates in my mind.  I am so grateful for her pure little soul.

A great day

I am pretty sure my week of winter blues is all over. I don't know what makes something inside of you practically feel your love increase for you child/children. Today and yesterday Gabby and I had the best time laughing and playing together. She kept trying to scratch at my black fingernail polish, I finally asked her if she wanted me to paint hers and she shook her head about a million times "yes". She sat perfectly still while I painted her toes for the first time. She loved it.  She is turning into such a little lady. She always puts the phone up to her ear and holds it there with her shoulder... I guess she sees me multi-tasking and tries to mimic. 
Today we got my car washed and had lunch while we waited. She kept shoving forkfuls of food in my mouth and then into hers. It was so funny because she totally gave me the crappy bites! I loved it! She is so funny, I seriously love her guts!

I also got a pretty great phone call from Shaun today, it went a little something like this:
Linds: Hello?
Shaun: Babe? Pick out a lot and a house plan today, or draw one because we are starting to build our house as soon as we can. I am starting our construction loan Monday.
Linds: Are you messing with me?
Shaun: No, If I was I wouldn't get sex for a month!
   {I made that last part up, but that would be the punishment for real!}
Needless to say, I am elated to say the least. It's been almost 2 years since I hung anything on a wall or took a bit of pride in my household. I've been sort of in disbelief for several hours now. 
I also got some new hair. I have been hating my hair (yet agian) so I had Heather put extensions in. I am loving them! This picture is simply for Brianna, as she requested...