Monday, March 31, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggity jigg!

HOME AT LAST! We had a lot of fun on our cruise but 8 days away from Gabby was too much for my heart! after day 5 I wanted to jump overboard and do my best to get to an airplane!  I have lots of pictures to come but I am way too tired. It takes me about 3 days to "recover' from vacations! Laundry out my ears and sleep that is much needed.  We flew home Sat. Night.  We woke up that morning at 6:30 (4:30 ST time) and had to be off the ship by 8. We took a bus to Orlando and had a monster 9 hour wait....So, we checked out bags and headed to Sea World. Then we caught our flight at 8pm, it was about an hour late for departure. Then on top of that it took forever to fly home because of turbulence, and LV airport was so busy we had to wait to land.  We rolled into town well after 2 am! Did I mention Shaun gave some random Brazilians a ride to Circus Circus after a dreadfully long day! He had been speaking Portuguese with them on the flight.  Long day, but memorable to say the least!
  I love, LOVE Orlando Sea World since it has roller coasters as well. I hadn't been there in years.  We had the most fun there of all the places! We got a little sick of the cloudy crap wether on the cruise. It was a beautiful day in Orlando!  More to come of all the great stuff from the trip...
All in all, the best part of the vacation was coming home to our Woob!  She loved the stuffies we bought her. Isn't her hair RAVISHING!?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

DK fan here.

This is nerdy, I'm fully aware. I've already come clean about my R&B, rap, and hip-hop thing for music. It's kinda my genre? I try to like cool "white" music like Rock, punk, or alternative. I actually do like most of it. But I love music that I can jam and sing along to in my car.  YOu know the kind that gets old fast? But it was sure fun while it lasted? Haha.

I have to say I love the new Danity Kane album. Not quite as good as the first in my opinion. But I love it. They have grown lots. I kinda religiously follow them on MTB3/4.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3 Things

last night I went to a ModBe, Bumble&Bumble, and some jewelry party at a salon. Jackpot problem solver!  I purchased this hair powder (that is colored). Its like a dry shampoo!! Oily scalp problems solved!! I was stoked on it.  I am nearing the end of day 2 hair here and it still looks, feels and smells (snells) fabulous!! I'm gonna try going 3 days (totally unheard of and out of the question on my head).
Modbe has some dang cute suits but I with held cuz I'd rather buy from a seller I am actually friends with and give them the business.  I kinda want this one!?
I picked up these 2 books today: sTORI TELLING.  Don't laugh. I grew up watching Tori Spelling as Donna Martin the virgin, {gasp}. And I grew to love her even more on Tori and Dean Inn Love for the past 2 seasons. I don't know why I'm sort of intrigued by her. Well see if her book is any good. (Yes, Lacy you can borrow it when Im done).
These is My Words: Brandi recommended this one. I can't wait to read it. I love diary style books.  They are always easy to read and relate to.

If anyone needs a good book recommendation- Stick Figure. GREAT book. It is a diary style book written through the eyes of an eleven year old turned anorexic growing up in Beverly Hills. Totally sheds some light on how horrible society/media is and how it can destroy us.  Its pretty heart breaking and super informative.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Cruise

We leave this Saturday and I can't hardly wait. But at the same time I feel so incredibly guilty for leaving Gabby. I know this is going to be really hard for me at first. The part I am most excited about is seeing gabby the second I get home.
We are flying to Florida the day before to ensure we get there on time. We'll be sailing on the Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the seas.  Its a really new ship and way huge. 
This is our Itinerary:
Day 1  Port Canaveral, Florida
Day 2 Cruising
Day 3 Labadee, Haiti
Day 4 Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Day 5 George Town, Grand Cayman
Day 6 Cozumel, Mexico
Day 7 Cruising 
Day 8 Port Canaveral, Florida/FLY HOME
Hopefully I'll take some pictures. I am TERRIBLE about taking pictures on vacations. Shaun and I both hate the hassle. 
I am really so excited for this real vacation. It has been forever since I have been on one.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I want this {wish list post}

Eyelash Transplants
I dream of getting this done one day, maybe even soon... Shaun is all for it. He says he'd like me to have laser hair removal (which I've been getting for over a year now) and long lashes. Those are 2 things I see as impossible. But hey, it's worth a try now that I found this site!!!

I also really want this!! But I'll be waiting several years for it.  No sense in wasting money while you still plan on having more kids.

On another note: We went out to dinner tonight with a bunch of friends. I felt like a human with a social life again. good times, great laughs, and wonderful food. I LOVE Scaldonies.  The Painted Pony and Scaldonies are def the best food in town! 
We headed to the Golden Spoon after that. Need I say more?! Yummy

Friday, March 14, 2008

Current loves

1. Eat this, Not this. Book I found out about from her and her.  This book is so outrageous it makes me terrified of what isn't listed in it. It's really a must read/use.

2. The fact that we are leaving for our long awaited cruise next Fri!!!! This is our 5 year anniversary celebration!

3. My AG jeans in The Kiss. Best fit, very flattering (at least in my eyes....) Got them here.

4. My Mac computer and DVR'd television shows. 

5. My new way of scrapbooking. Make books right from iphoto. No more outdated "layouts" just timeless, classy books with tons of photos, journaling and the same memories as any other book. Call me lazy, it's all the same to me.

6. my new blanket from Target. It's the softest thing ever. Now I don't have to try and get the blue one from Shaun anymore. We have little battles over our favorites in the house. Of course we both like all the same stuff. We are gonna have to start buying doubles of everything.

7. My extensions. I don't know if I'll ever live without them. My hair is so blah and thin without em. I also have a HORRENDOUS confession. I secretly want a perm (like a huge roller one). Abby knows this. But no one permits me to commit this crime. I'm thinking if they had my limp flat oily after an hour hair, they reconsider. What do you think? Is it possible to get a cute, Doesn't-look-like-a-perm PERM?

8. #7 was not a joke. 

9. My last love is something i've had for awhile. Shaun got me a Chanel purse for Christmas and anyone who really knows me knows this is tricky territory. I am SOOO into purses yet I can't settle for any purse on the planet. I've never found one good enough. I'm pretty sure no salesman likes to help me. My point is, I finally (in Feb.) found and settled on one after 4 visits.  I had been looking for one since September. Lets just say my criteria for an appropriate purse is steep! 

10. One Tree Hill. 

11. Jimmy Johns "Beach Club" I haven't had one of these in years, since working there possibly. I've had 3 the past 2 weeks. Yummy.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Celebs=Real people?

Haha. I laughed out loud when I saw this Mystery Celeb on Perez Hilton! I guess those "little" blonde hairs don't only escape my eyes and razor... 
That is so something that would happen to me. Only nobody is taking my photo!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Where O where Have I been?

This is not my proudest moment. But for ME, blogging is the good, bad, and the ugly! I don't pretend to be anyone I'm not. This is funny because it's not something I'm proud of and it's kind of a big deal for me.  I am seriously an addict!  My sister has been raving about One Tree Hill for probably a few years now. I've never heard of it or been one bit interested. Until now. Shaun went out of town for a boys fishing trip a few weekends back. So, I was left home alone a few nights. My sister offered me her seasons of One Tree hill on DVD. I watched 7 episodes that night and the rest is history! I hate that I can't move on with my life until I'm all caught up on Lucus, Haley, Peyton, Brooke and Nathan! What is my deal? I LOVE this show. Please don't comment on how pathetic I am, for I already realize it.  It is so annoying to me that I am hooked on some high school drama series! I am about done with season 3 and I am planning a little Hiatus before diving into season 4 on soap net or itunes! My house and ass have really noticed the OTH effect! The last time I put my life on hold for something fictional was Twilight but that only takes a couple days to get through!

And lastly, I would hope that I can call this a funk rather than a bad habit but lately I crave fast food burgers.....(silent moment for shame).  I am fully indulging too. I seriously take Gabby (okay, me) to get some kind of kids meal like 3 times a week.  I just recently rediscovered dipping fries in a frosty!!! I haven't had that since HS! 

I guess that answers my "Why the sudden weight gain" question! Obviously the gym has taken a back seat to my to do list since OTH came to my theater room!  And the point of the post was to not only admit my PROBLEMS but explain my sudden disappearing act.

Yours truly,
Couch potato