Friday, March 14, 2008

Current loves

1. Eat this, Not this. Book I found out about from her and her.  This book is so outrageous it makes me terrified of what isn't listed in it. It's really a must read/use.

2. The fact that we are leaving for our long awaited cruise next Fri!!!! This is our 5 year anniversary celebration!

3. My AG jeans in The Kiss. Best fit, very flattering (at least in my eyes....) Got them here.

4. My Mac computer and DVR'd television shows. 

5. My new way of scrapbooking. Make books right from iphoto. No more outdated "layouts" just timeless, classy books with tons of photos, journaling and the same memories as any other book. Call me lazy, it's all the same to me.

6. my new blanket from Target. It's the softest thing ever. Now I don't have to try and get the blue one from Shaun anymore. We have little battles over our favorites in the house. Of course we both like all the same stuff. We are gonna have to start buying doubles of everything.

7. My extensions. I don't know if I'll ever live without them. My hair is so blah and thin without em. I also have a HORRENDOUS confession. I secretly want a perm (like a huge roller one). Abby knows this. But no one permits me to commit this crime. I'm thinking if they had my limp flat oily after an hour hair, they reconsider. What do you think? Is it possible to get a cute, Doesn't-look-like-a-perm PERM?

8. #7 was not a joke. 

9. My last love is something i've had for awhile. Shaun got me a Chanel purse for Christmas and anyone who really knows me knows this is tricky territory. I am SOOO into purses yet I can't settle for any purse on the planet. I've never found one good enough. I'm pretty sure no salesman likes to help me. My point is, I finally (in Feb.) found and settled on one after 4 visits.  I had been looking for one since September. Lets just say my criteria for an appropriate purse is steep! 

10. One Tree Hill. 

11. Jimmy Johns "Beach Club" I haven't had one of these in years, since working there possibly. I've had 3 the past 2 weeks. Yummy.


Camie said...

OMG, I say go for the perm...I so will do it with you (when my hair grows out.) I think it would rock. I just got david a really soft blanket from target for valentines and he is obsessed with it...

Dana said...

I want perms to come back in too. I loved mine back in the day. Have tons of fun on your cruise!

Marla said...

I am glad you said it. I have honestly always wanted a perm but the kind you are talking about not the kinky curly perm. I have never tried because I am so scare dof the outcome but I say do it cause if it works I am so copying you. My hair is the finest limpest shiz hair in the world. Thanks for secretly coming out. btw like you are going on a cruise, where to? We are going to lunch before then so pick a day (but not monday).

I LOVE ONE TREE HILL! Can't you get caught up so we can talk about it and do you watch Lipstick Jungle? If not you better go set your DVR right now!! GO

Jocelyn said...

Linds- Perms. So 80's. But you should TOTALLY bring it back! Leg warmers are in? Who would have thought? I want extensions SO bad! Only cause I have limpy poop hair!
:( I'm afraid I will get addicted or will all of a sudden not be able to afford them and they will grow out and I will look like Brittney spears.

So...Do the perm. Let me know how that turns out and like marla said. If it's good I'm so copying you! YOu could start a whole new trend. Think about it...

Lindsey said...

I AM all caught up with One Tree Hill Marla!! Wahoo. We can totally talk about the wedding and Dan now!!!

PS, don't tempt me with the perm peeps! I already know Heather won't give me one so I'll be begging Abby or Kailee to do it!

Jessica said...

-K- I had a perm done last year. Wasn't loving it and it fried my hair. It definately gave it body though. Unfortunately we are in So Cal with the humidity and I will sometimes get kinks in my hair when I go outside, even after I have used a flat iron. I am sure you wouldn't have that problem in St. George though. Good luck with the decision.