Monday, June 30, 2008


I just love this girl! {Wearing daddy's ankle socks!}

Just a quick blab about nothing since I'm hoping everyone gets on the computer about as much as I do in ONE day. I love finding new posts on my google reader!

I can't freakin believe how fast this pregnancy is going by. I'm so scared all of the sudden. But what do you do? I can't wait to find out what we are having! I find out on July 7th (yes, it is late, I had to reschedule my previous apt on the 27th! Otherwise I'd know already! It is killing me.

Shaun cooked a wonderful dinner on Sunday for us and his family came over to eat. We had lots of fun with everyone. I love having people over in a house that feels like home. That is totally what summer is all about. Not to mention we always get free cupcakes!

I need to excise! end of that topic. It's not happening and needs to!

I LOVE the bachelorette this season! I keep thinking tonight, I haven't watched it yet, Graham will reappear and they will fall madly in love and he'll say all the right things for once. Fingers crossed!

I also have really bad stomach cramping with this pregnancy and it is so painful! I think I eat a ton worse this time around... I was having nightmares about the baby's heart rate and expressed my concerns to my Dr. He told me I simply have a major case of gas....How embarrassing!!! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gabby's parties

Check out those cupcakes, thanks to my mother-in-law.  Heidi makes the BEST cupcakes for people!

We FINALLY had Gabby's birthday party tonight!  We would keep postponing in due to us moving and my cousins awful passing.  
It turned out to be so much fun.  I was so worried something/everything would go wrong.  It was perfect. Gabby had the time of her life with friends and swimming.  She would swim every single day for hours if I let her.  I think she loved the attention!

Thanks to all who came! 

I took about 200 pictures and WAY too much video... I HATE the sound of my voice on camera. I am so annoying! haha.  
We also had Gab's family birthday (my side) last Saturday up in Pine Valley at our cabin.  It was such a blast!  We had the most fun we've ever had.  My parents got a swing set and tether ball up there this summer. We also played baseball.  I haven't played any games with my siblings for years!  My mom made her famous homemade strawberry ice cream!  Shaun and I both ate about 4 bowls! I love going to Pine Valley in the summer time!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


HOW PISSED!! I am mad that Tori Spelling named her little girl Stella.... I'm still using it! (If and when I have another girl).
PS, I don't find out what we are having until July 7th. Lame, That is kinda far away. No biggie.  I had a dream that it's a girl so we'll see.

I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with decorating! I like to decorate but not when you are stressed out about getting it all done in about 2 weeks (which didn't happen for us) But we are much closer now.  One major downside of having a big ol' house.  

I also realized I kinda thought I had great taste, but I don't I have lost ANY knack I used to have for decorating cute. Or possibly there is just not much out there for me at the moment.  My sister Tara decorates to die for. She is the shiz.  Plus, she does it in like 5 min with 2 kids hanging on her. I don't know how the heck she does it.  In my opinion she is pretty much wonder woman!  I unfortunately copy her a lot.  Mostly accidently, but I'm going to full out just start doing it on purpose... hee hee.

Gab's goes to bed at 10:00 now. What the frick?! She is hilarious because she thinks she has to be in on all that goes on now. I love how good she is around the house now.  She loves our new house.  But seriously, I think it's time to 'weed' out the nap?  I kinda miss my free time.  And I never blog.  I'm usually watching Finding Nemo or Beast until about 10.  What would I rather be doing if I wasn't with Gab's and Shaun though?  I can't think of a better alternative anyway!

The great news is, Gabby is USUALLY willing to change out of her Little mermaid PJ's daily now.... Usually.  She is still in love with Mermaid but not so obsessed with wearing her. It was really wearing on me!  

I just rambled all my thoughts out for the day. Sorry. Who knows why I even did this post!  I'm just pissed Donna Martin stole my daughters name! 
good night!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Best Friends

Lately Gabby has turned into such a little girl. She is not my baby anymore.  It makes me sad how quickly time passes but I am surely excited for the future!  Gabby is my shadow and my very best friend.  She loves me no matter what I look like (so far anyway) and she would rather be with me than anyone else. I love her so much she makes my heart sing and feel such joy for life.
I know it's cheesy but I love myself more because I have her in my life.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fabulous Father ('s day)

I just love my husband! I don't say it enough. I'm afraid if I do people will be annoyed or think I'm bragging. I hate to be boastful because it makes others uncomfortable and think negatively of you. BUT, today I'm bragging about Shaun because I don't say enough about him.

He is the most amazing husband and father. He has loved me since he saw me. (He must have anyway because he never gave up on us meeting). He has always thought more of me than I could have ever dreamed of thinking of myself. I love him for that alone. He has always wanted to give me a fairytale life. I actually feel pretty useless in the world due to being spoiled rotten.

He has never said no to me when I ask for something.
He always thinks about me and Gabby and our safety. He will call me just to make sure I'm wearing my seat belt. Or he tells me to look both ways when the light turns green in case some idiot is going to run a red light.

He truly thinks I'm special and beautiful and even likes my singing! He always tells me to sing more so he can here my voice. Its not even average either!

He likes me to dress up or dress in my uniform, which consists of some type of sweats or long shorts, a tee, and thongs. (we both hate the word flip flops).

He always gets suckered into buying thinks at (fashion show mall) kiosks and says, "I got you something so amazing" since that is what they tell him. I love it!

He loves to work and is always looking for something else to do. I love his energy and his passion for life. I think sometimes he forgets he is only human and cannot accomplish all his life goals in 1 years time.

He loves the lord and has never forgotten him. He is honest and faithful.

Me and my mom always talk about how much he and my dad are alike. That is another thing I love so much about him. He is so similar to my dad it makes us laugh. I'll tell her a story or something Shaun did and she will say, "that is exactly like Ken."

He was meant for me, and I was meant for him. I am sure that no one else could manage to put up with me. He does an outstanding job!

I love my Shaun.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm bizzzack

We are moved and starting to feel settled in our house. I'm feeling really accomplished because we mastered our garage of 3 years packed storage! We took two loads to the dump!!! I don't know why I love getting rid of stuff so much, it feels so great.
Lots has happened. We've had good things and bad things. I am really on the life isn't fair bandwaggon over my cousins tragic death. She was the most amazing girl I'd ever met and I truly looked up to her.
Shaun and I both got a little case of salmonella we think... Stay away from the tomatoes! It's bad...
Gabby's birthday came in a hurry, right as we were moving. We decided to postpone the birthday celebration so we could do it right. She did get some fabulous gifts from mommy and daddy this year! She is good at riding her pink and purple trike. and loves her little mermaid table and chairs. She is still totally obsessed with "Mermaid" but we've also added "Beast" to the mix! She is the most wonderful girl in the world! FULL of personality!
I'm totally looking pregnant and feeling the difference in my back this time. My stomach is 'un-suck-in-able' now! I still love to be pregnant though. Gabby is kind of clueless about a baby on the way. Pretty sure she'll get the picture come November!

That is my quick catch up post for now. Have a great week.

If anyone wants to check out Gabby's 2 year photos feel free (I know some of you photographers out there love to critique and get ideas) (you enter my email adress to get into them. lindseynewbyATyahooDOTcom)

I love how they turned out!! They totally captured her personality! Kellie does a great job! Gab is a handful and you can tell in the pictures!