Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quick update

I'm sure you're all sick of seeing Shaun's gaping wound on my page so here is a little update with pics soon to follow.
Out of the blue last week Gabby started to go potty on her little toilet!! Wahoo!! It was a crazy busy week for us up until tomorrow actually. She went potty almost every time on her cute little potty!! I can't believe it! I didn't even have anything to do with it so I think we are in for panties pretty soon!
Fingers crossed. 
I had a great couple of days in Vegas with Mel, Kailee, and Em this week.  We had so much fun joking and laughing.  Thanks for putting up with my driving girls! 

I am also going to Vegas tomorrow with my sisters. Honeslty, I'm Vegas'd out! But I gotta get this baby's room started before she gets here. I'm excited to go down with them and shop at PB! and eat of course. 

July went by in the biggest rush ever! Where the heck are the days going? Does life go by faster every year? I'm starting to think it may...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Heath Ledger was incredible

We saw The Dark Knight tonight and as I expected Heath Ledger was brilliant!  He played an amazingly mysterious Joker. I loved it! All of his mannerisms, the way he said every word was great!  He really did pass before his time in my opinion! Dang, he was really becoming a great actor.  I can't get over how great his performance was. 
Go see it this weekend!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Title unknown

Yesterday was totally traumatic for our house.  I was doing Gabby's hair getting her all ready to go swimming with some friends and she was playing with her little squirt bottle like always.  She kept spraying it into the air and all over me.  I had no idea it was soaking the tile floor.... Shaun walked into the bathroom to talk to us and suddenly slipped in the water! He completely fell flat onto his back and his head caught the edge of our tub step which is in the middle of the bathroom.  It was the scariest thing! I freaked out and got him right to the car. Gabby was in her diaper and me in my swim suit.  Yikes! I grabbed whatever was in the laundry room for gabby and I and took him to the emergency room. An hour and 9 staples later.... This is what his head looked like! I was so nervous all day for him.  It looks terrible but he swears it didn't even hurt. 
It is really hard to see your big manly husband get hurt. I guess you kind of think nothing can hurt them? All day long Gabby kept saying, "daddy ouwee" and "daddy fall." We had to tell her no more spray bottle. So she also reminded me about 50 times, "no, no spray"
We were sure glad it wasn't her with the split open head but I'd rather it didn't happen at all!! I'll be getting some SERIOUS rugs in there!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yep, I actually did this.

Busy, busy day. One of those days your in a hurry to leave the house.
Gabby is fully ready to go.
I'm getting there... Put on my underwear, slip, dress, sandals, hat, earrings, the works. Ready to head out.
I'm driving around the Albertsons parking lot when my boob itches. I itch it and it realize I forgot to put on a bra! 
Back out of my parking spot and head home, to the boonies I might add.
30 min later I'm back at the grocery store!
ugh! I'm so pregnant and losing it! How could I have not noticed my sagging situation pretty much resting on my pregnant stomach!? Sorry for the vivid picture, but I'm hoping you all know how that feels! 
I have no choice but to laugh at myself.
The sad thing is, I'd have never realized I didn't have a bra on if it weren't for the fact that i had to scratch it! And I managed to put my earrings in but no bra?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

it's starting already?

I'm pretty sure Gabby made fun of me today, or at least teased me for what she deemed hilarious, fat, ugly, wrong or just not good?

I'm in the shower with my back to the entrance. 
Gabby walks in and says, "mommy's bum bum." Pointing and laughing; then she puts both hands over her mouth and walks away....

Monday, July 7, 2008


You can tell my wheels are spinning now that the sex is determined. 

Has anyone ever had a round crib or know someone who has had one? I need to know if they are smaller or a pain in the rear for any reason.
We are hoping to keep Gab in her crib til she's 3? She still loves it and her crib is not even ours I technically "have" to buy a new one! We'll see.

Who has loved the crib they bought? 

The Verdict...

We are so excited! I secretly wanted another girl. I wanted Gabby to have a sister close in age so I guess nature was in my favor!  I think Shaun was hoping for a boy but he definitely wasn't unhappy.  He loves Gabby more than anything in the world so he'll love her sidekick just the same. Yahoo!
Now I can't wait to know what my sister is having!!! She finds out the 14th!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Current FavOrites

1.  James Taylor music.  Totally reminds me of my 5th grade teacher (weird).  Played 24/7 in our classroom). I am loving "Fire and Rain" especially.  He is currently replacing my regular favs, Rod and Sir Elton.
2. Shock Tarts. I have never liked those particularly before this baby.
3. Book of Alma in BOM. Great for helping me to strengthen my faith lately.
4. Bachelorette. Its actually beating out my all time favorite show, SYTYCD! 
5. Gabby's smile.  Her little teeth are too cute!
6. flip flops/thongs. I NEVER used to wear them. I don't think I wore them to school/college once in my whole life. Isn't that strange? I hated them until this summer because they showcase my actual height and embellish my fat! I hate looking short and stumpy. But apparently I got over it this year.
7. Eyebrow pencil from MAC. I just started to fill my eyebrows in 60 days ago!!! Who considers themselves my friends??? ZERO of you ever told me they needed it! ha
8. Good friends. I must say it is almost scary how similar my friends Lauren and Brianna are to me. We have so many of the same situations or thoughts. Weird! I love all my friends. I love how sometimes they just understand you perfectly.
9. This iron bed! I'd love to get it for Gabby. I'm still buttering Shaun up to get it for her.  He absolutely hates Pottery Barn!