Wednesday, August 27, 2008


eat breakfast, 2 eggs with some OJ. Off to a good start.
Go to Target, Oh dang, it's lunch time! My Target "food" purchases: Hot dog, Pizza and a blue Icee. I ate the majority of the food....
As I shop at Target I accidently pick up 2 cookie mixes and a pack of donuts. Ate 2 when I got home.
6:00pm take Gabby to a movie with a friend. Small popcorn, Med. Dr. Pepper... I ate the majority of that too....
8:00, Movie is over. Kids are hungry, Head to McDonalds so the kids can play and we can talk. I order Gabby and I happy meals.  I ate 100% of mine...

Pretty sure I didn't give my baby or myself a single nutrient for the day, minus the egg.
Bottom line, I'm a disgusting pig.

Sincerely, Ashamed

Friday, August 22, 2008

"Breaking of the Bottle" {Deserved its own post}

We are past the end of day 3 and no bottles! Hallelujah!! I could scream!  I just thought I'd do a post on this for my own reference for my future kids. Or hopefully I'll learn sooner.

My feelings on the bottle
I for one loved to nurse and all along thought I'd skip bottles completely. But I was kinda ready to have freedom from the actual feeding. It would be nice to have my screaming child satisfy themselves without the use of my boob in their mouth not to mention hold it themselves right? So, I loved the bottle once I weaned Gab at 8 months. 
However, They became my saving grace when nap and bedtime rolled around because I could give her a little bottle and put her in her crib and she'd go to sleep!! BUT not without training her to do this first.  So, I'm thinking next time around I'll skip the bottle-in-crib all together since peds totally FORBID this sin and it just creates another habit to have to break down the road.  Now in the last month I have loathed the damn bottle! Washing bottles is soooo annoying! My worst chore for sure!  Plus Gabby wanted one all the time. 

It has been surprisingly super dang easy to get her off the bottle once we put them in the trash and talked about how dirty and yuck they were (I purposely waited until every last bottle was dirty and nasty) she didn't much want one anyway.  So far she has cried one time for a bottle and it lasted about 20 seconds. I went in her room to hold her and reminded her how dirty they were and that they were in the trash. She happily went to bed with a sippy of about 3 ounces of water in it. After all, water can't hurt her teeth AND a few ounces won't interfere with potty training I'm sure.  The best part of it all is Gabby lets/and loves getting her teeth brushed ever since we went to the dentist? She fought me so hard before that? I'm so confused because she cried most of her teeth cleaning apt. Who knows? Now she thinks it's the greatest thing ever and we usually have to brush about 3 times!  Now I feel accomplished or at least on the right track with my child.

So, with that all being said it has been a total success! Gabby getting off the bottle has been for some reason my biggest fear. I am such a by-the-book parent so that is why I was stressing about how old she was and still in love with her bottle. I try to be anyway. If things don't go according to schedule it totally throws me off. I like being this way though because it has made gabby a great toddler she kinda knows what to expect. Not to say she doesn't have tantrums and act retched once in awhile, but she knows who is in charge.  She is under control rather than in control.  I don't do whatever it takes just to make my child "happy" or quiet there is no discipline in that.  I think Gabby is about the happiest child on earth anyway so I must be doing something right.

What are any thoughts on parenting skills? I'm just curious because I think positive discipline is very important but I wonder if anyone has any great ideas to share or have ran across any helpful books in this dep.

Sorry for my rambling, I guess it's more for me to look back on

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall Line Up and other events

Clear some room on them Tivos the couch will soon be calling!

One Tree Hill- Monday, Sept. 1st 8pm
90210 (2.0)- Tuesday, Sept. 2nd 8/7c (2hr. premiere)
Grey's Anatomy- Thursday, Sept. 25th 8pm
Desperate Housewives- Sunday, September 28th 8pm
Private Practice- Wednesday, Oct. 1st
Samantha Who- Monday, Oct. 6th 8:30
The Bachelor- ? but the bachelor is JASON from last season

In other News! I've decided to get serious about taking away whats left of Gabby being a baby! Doesn't that sound awful?! I'm scared and sad but it all has to happen anyway.
I took Gab to the dentist today, Not fun... But, he said it is about a YEAR past getting rid of the bottle (I totally already knew but didn't care). Her teeth look fine but she decides all the time that she doesn't want to eat actual food, she'd rather have about 4 bottles of whatever. Not working out for me. I think my child needs food nutrients not just juice, milk, and smoothies!
Plus, she needs to get used to the sippy cup. I'm throwing out all the bottles when she wakes up from her nap today, which she went down perfectly fine not one upset sound from her about the bottle. Also, she went to bed on her own will with no bottle last night. I put one in her crib with her and she said "don' wan' it mamma" She is ready!

Second, Potty training. She has done it lots. Today at the dentist they had a child sized sink and potty and she couldn't get enough of it (gross) She took off her own diaper while I used the potty and sat on "dabby's pottee" and fully peed then proceeded to wash her hands {before wiping, skipped that step completely until I helped}.
This girl is totally ready for both events to take place, she just needs a mommy to commit and be ready too.

Wish me luck! YIKES!
maybe we will have her in a big girl bed before Stella comes?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Mouse in the House!

Oh my goodness I could vacate my house and never come back! Sunday night Shaun told me he saw a mouse in the kitchen....I'm freakin out about how dirty my house must be, all covered in mouse germs and feces! UGH!
So Monday morning he gets a few mouse traps for all over our house (who knows how many there are). I wake up Tues and start making Gabby a smoothie. Boom a mouse at my feet stuck to the trap squeaking and trying to wiggle free!!! I screamed so loud Gabby comes running in saying, "happened mom?!"
I hate mice and bugs. Apparently we have a problem with both! I love it! I'm so scared to go down to our storage rooms and see if there are any mice on them.... I'll be saving that for Shaun. I totally had a maintenance guy come in my house and take the damn live mouse out of my kitchen for me! There was no way I was putting my hands that close to it!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

this that and the other

Her latest OBSESSION! Her likes and dislikes are not subtle, they come in waves, and they are very strong opinions. She is such a dramatic girl! I love it, I wouldn't have it any other way! She is such a little diva!! Not only do we wear Cinderella, we watch it pretty much every morning!
Side note: Much to Gabby's dismay, the Cinderella dress suddenly disappeared a few days ago? I haven't the foggiest clue where it went... Mean mom!
This pic and the one below are basically just for Marla and Brianna so they can see how fabulous their stuff looks hung up.... A YEAR LATER!!!  I love it!

There is a reason I haven't taken a single photo of me pregnant this time around... People are already assuming I'm due in the fall... I caught myself {as if it wasn't on purpose} telling the guy at the health food store that I was due October 21st.... His response was something like, "Oh wow, you probably won't make it clear to your due date". I'm thinking, I hope not! Especially now that I'm possibly Due DECEMBER 9TH!!!!!!!!{yikes}!!!!!!!!!!!  I will be a freak of nature by then!
(Sweet body profile shot!)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fri Aug. 8th

I can't remember anything for the life of me.
My nails look Fabulous
Gabby's constipation battle is totally under control now thanks {a million} to Dr. Kaddu!!
I go to the Dr. at 4:00 today, I'm worried I've gained a good 8 lbs. this month! {gasp}
I'm totally keeping Gabby in her crib due to the last 2 nights in a row....She wakes up after 2 or 3 hours of sleeping and WILL NOT go back in her crib, she won't approve of Shaun either. She wants me, all night long! Oh, and all day long too.  What the heck!
Has anyone ever given their kids melatonin? I can't help but wonder if her brain is off somehow? She has a really difficult time sleeping for a solid time in the night (and kind of always has).
My mother in law let me request cupcakes of my choice for my birthday! I went with this one. although she made lava cakes the other night that were to DIE FOR! I could have eaten 3. 
I get to go to the spa tomorrow for my birthday and get a massage and facial!!! I can't wait!
26 is sounding old to me.
Does anyone watch you are what you eat? Thanks a lot to my MIL again.  If anyone needs great motivation or a reality check, do watch! It is crazy!
Last thing, Perez Hilton is on Chelsea Lately tonight!!! That would be my favorite combo right now! Love them both!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Your opinions please...

I am having so much trouble deciding what to do with Gabby when the baby comes? I don't know why I can't make up my mind.  When Baby girl 2 comes I don't know if I should have Gabby in and {hopefully} used to a "big girl" room or still in her crib, which she LOVES...  We ask her everyday if she wants a big bed and she says no. I'm so confused. 
I feel like I should just put the baby in Gabby's room that is for a baby and put Gabby in a new room so she has something to be excited for but I don't know if I'm ready for Gabby to be wandering the house at night? or whenever she deems necessary (mind you, we have a non gated, non covered swimming pool, and she still naps 2 hours a day).  I have heard not to get rid of the crib until naps are gone?? I honestly don't mind buying a new crib since I never bought Gabby one in the first place, it's out to us on loan, and I {tentatively} plan on having at least one more baby so I'd use my crib in the future for baby #3.
ANY input would be fabulous! Seriously.

I don't know why I feel so torn and unprepared. The whole potty training in on the fritz as well? Who knows, now she is more or less refusing to go and I don't know if I should push her or just let her tell me when she is ready. Thoughts....