Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Through the years...

I'm pretty sure this is the best one!

I Couldn't sleep....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just ordered this!

I'm pretty much in L-O-V-E with this chandelier! It is so fabulous.
Now, Getting Shaun to install it when it arrives is going to be the challenge!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mexico Trip, part 1

Here are some of the pictures from the amazing adventure Shaun and Brian went on while we were in Mexico. Shaun had the time of his life doing all these extreme challenge type things. They went from one crazy thing to the next. Needless to say, I was a little too pregnant to go. Plus, I might not have even survived it!
I LOVE the cheesy picture of Shaun on the mule! Hilarious!
If you ever go to Puerto Vallarta this is the adventure they ALL recommend. It is 6 hours long and way cheaper than swiming with the dolphins. I think it was $80 per person. Shaun came back to the resort totally drenched because he didn't bring a change of clothes. Poor guy!
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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Stella has a room in the making finally! I'm so relieved. Today I went into lil' wee boutique and told them I wasn't going home until my nursery was totally decided on.  I did it! I kind of just did the opposite of what I even had in mind. I even bought a chest that is Cream(ish) with Blue(ish) detail.  Totally in the boy section... I liked it, so hopefully I still feel the same when it gets delivered! I'm THE WORST with buyers remorse. I return things 10 min after I buy them.
Fingers crossed that it turns out how I am imagining it!  Pictures to come! 

This is the bedding I decided on

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A little Rant a little Rave

The Rave:
Breath Right strips! They rule. I never have any problems breathing whatsoever until I'm pregnant. Then my nose always feels swollen shut or something. These babies are fabulous. Shaun has a deviated septum, he likes em too! We are like the couple in bed on the box with our little strips on in bed.

This one is a biggie! I've been wearing (proudly) CKbe perfume since 9th grade. Religiously! I'm SOOO picky about perfume it is not even funny. It has be be super clean smelling, not flowery or musky or too sweet. I stumbled upon Armani Diamonds and I'm in LOVE!!! This may change when I have this baby but for now, I have a new scent I'll consider wearing daily! For those of you who have a fabulous perfume, I'm totally taking suggestions...
To give you an idea of just how much CKbe I go through, I usually buy at least 3 at a time of the biggest bottle and I'm out of it in 18 months. I have finished off about 15 of them I'm sure. Every other perfume I've never finished one bottle of. I always give them away or throw them out.

Deodorant: Old Spice Performance {totally mens} in Clean scent. It's the red one and it is not the white stuff. I am a "cancer causer" freak. I totally believe that anti-perspirant will give it to you so I wear deodorant only. The problem is, I've yet to find one for women that doesn't have both. Mens deodorant works a million times better than womans anyway. Nasty, but I swear if I wear woman's I get smelling stank in a few hours after the shower. What the heck!?

OPI: Yet another color to add to the list of my loved colors. Black Cherry Chutney is the bomb!

The Rant:
I'm kinda sick of all the comments I'm getting with 2 MONTHS still left. I know I say it a lot lately but really, people think they are the only one saying anything. I'm pretty sure my self-esteem is no where to be found. It may not help that all my maternity clothes are too tight and belly shirts now? I'm about to put in a HUGE order to Victorias secret and load up on sweats at this rate.
On Sunday a lady in my ward said, "You just look miserable" Mind you I had on a cute dress, heels and hair and makeup. What the heck!
Today, two old ladies said. "bless your heart for getting pregnant agian" Since I had Gab with me they assumed I am pretty brave to pop out more than one.
In Mexico Two older men asked if I twins or triplets.
A drunk guy asked if I was having my baby here (Mexico),
"Can you navigate that thing?" was the best one I got in the taxi from some bull dike looking lady.
Funny thing happend to me when we got to our resort in Mexico. It was dang hot and humid when we got there. When we checked in they put our wrist bands on and Lacie and I went to sit outside and wait. We were waiting about 20 min outside and I had to go inside and get my wristband cut off because I had instantly swelled up like a balloon and it was beyond too tight! The guy was trying pretty hard not to laugh since there was no room for the scissors! He was pretty shocked. It was hilarious!

Plus, Gabby is a little nightmare lately. My well disiplined toddler has up and vanished. I kid you not most days were smooth sailing. I'd rarely deal with tantrums at all. Lately she hates her naps, hates her crib, refuses to go to bed and wont even sit in a shopping cart anymore! She screams like I'm punishing her when I put her to bed. I'm so pissed and baffled by this completely. Everything I have tried to ensure is useless. Perfect timing, right before baby 2 comes! Yesterday I had a moment and made Shaun take over for the evening rituals: bath and putting her to bed. He was shocked too. She must have cried for an hour with him in the tub about everything imaginable. I vow to never leave town again for more than 48 hours. At least not for a year or so? I like structure WAY too much! I prefer that over a long vacation.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Gabby had the best time at Disneyland! Honestly it was all fun to her. Even the things that were not rides or even special for that matter. She loved being there with all the fam and talking about EVERYTHING she saw!! We didn't even get to see the princess' because the line was 90 min and she was not having it (waiting in the line) So we went to see Mickey and Minnie instead. She was in love with Minnie Mouse for sure. She was so cute. I thought she would be shy but she ran right up to her to hug and kiss her and just smiled from ear to ear.
There were so many fun things from the day, I want to take her back already!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Still kickin

After Weeks (most of sept.) of traveling we are finally home for good! It has been a busy, fun, crazy month for us. Starting with my cousins wedding and Disneyland, then it was off to Mexico for 9 days with some friends for one last big vacation before #2 arrives. We got back late last night from Bryce Canyon for a weekend wedding. We are so thrilled to sleep in our own bed again. I have lots of pictures to upload. Needless to say, I haven't had much time home.

In the last 24 hours Gabby started potty training on her own again!! Yipee. This time I'll stick with it too since we don't have any big plans in the way. She grabbed my hand yesterday and said "gabby poo poo on the potty mommy, c'mmon."
There she sad and made 2 fists and gave a good push! She was so excited to do it that she just told me she needed to Pee pee a couple times as well. I think tomorrow I'll just say we have no more diapers "mouse" left in the house so we have to go potty. Who knows. Maybe it will be a nightmare? Or a piece a cake.

I was also released from my primary calling today. I'll miss my little Valiants but I'm excited to have the freedom...Or so I thought. I am already on the relief society activity committee (sp??) Now I am also the Chairman of the ward activity! Wahoo. Not a bad gig!

Oh, and shaun did something crazy today. I'm not even gonna comment on it tonight. I am waiting to see if I wake up in the morning and it was all a dream! {Fingers crossed}. Seriously! My family will think I'm nuts. Lets just be reminded that my husband is an "IMPULSE" buyer to the extreme. Ahhh!
He bought a DOG... Not a car or anything, just a dog. I hate it. It's already going back to the breeders today. That is the only reason I didn't say we got a dog, cuz I knew it wouldn't last.

One last comment: I may have to write a list of some of the MANY comments I got in Mexico on my belly! I can't believe the things people would just blurt out and be fearless when it came to staring. It was like I had 2 heads or 3 legs or something. I was kinda shocked. I guess I am pretty huge and short. Walking around in swim attire may have accentuated it's presence a smidgge? Leave a pregnant woman alone people. I had a "you look miserable" comment today as well. I'm so confused because I really love being pregnant and feel great too! I guess other people would just hate to be me... ?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Oops, new due date...

This is both good and bad.  I hate that I have to be pregnant longer, only because I am already getting the "how much longer" comments and "any day now?" questions.  Not to mention the "I feel so sorry for you" sympathetic looks in the heat of the summer. 
I am still feeling the hurt from my first pregnancy when a lady told me I looked 'dreadful' at the Cotton days in the park. I still had about 8 weeks left then. 
The great news is I get more time to prepare! I haven't done a single THING with the nursery yet! What is my deal? I wish I knew. I guess I'm so stuck on deciding what to do with Gabby and the baby. I'm finding out more and more now that I'm a terrible decision maker (I have always known this, but the extent of it is unreal!).  I just need to decide already!!

So, Due date is now Dec. 9th if all goes NAT-U-RAL...
If  a C-section is a must they'll take her at 39 weeks so it could be tentatively scheduled for 2nd.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

And We're Off!

Today we are leaving for California with my family for my cousin's wedding. I am so super excited because we are taking Gabby to Disneyland!!! I have thought this last month that she is the perfect age to really have fun there. She should be able to remember it for quite a few months I'm thinking. She has been saying things like, "yay, Rella's house!" and "Woody, Buzz house" I think she thinks we just get to see where they all live.
I can't wait to see that face of hers all day!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


1. OPI nail polish! Current favs are My current favs are Yoga-ta-get this blue, Lincoln Park after Dark, and My Private Jet.
2. Clemintine Oranges (at Costco). They are so sweet and tiny, and easy to peel.

3. These maternity Jeans. They come in petite length!!! Thats gotta be some kind of first.

4. Victoria's secret bra, Body by Victoria and Bio fit. I love them both.

5. Crayola No-mess markers! I love them because SHE does!