Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things I'm loving {NOW}

The Car seat Canopy! Love this because it is so stinking cold outside right now! I don't have to worry about it falling onto Stella's face. Keeps those germs and strangers who like to touch away. AND it is a nursing cover too.

Unsalted pistachios! I eat too many a day.

Bear Naked trail Mix. This is what I eat in the middle of the night after I feed Stella. I'm always SO hungry! No sugar or preservatives. They have packs at Costco that are perfect for the car or my purse. Check it out here.

Enjoy Texture Spray. This stuff is my favorite stuff I've ever tried. I have super fine, flat, hair. The only thing its good for is feeling soft. This stuff makes it have body but not feel like crap in my hair. I'm super picky about my hair feeling gross, this passes the test.
OPI: Makes Men Blush. Great natural nail color. Not too pink or peach.


kassy said...

is that car seat canopy in the picture like your same print? If so it is the cutest one I have ever seen!

RickAndGina said...

Stella is so beautiful! I can't decide who she looks like most. K I will be honest with you....I thought that you were crazy to keep saying how big you were until I saw that last pic of your final belly. I cannot believe that!!!! It looked like twins Linds! The rest of you is so tiny and petite that it looked like you would topple over. I love it, though. Your darling!

Rachel said...

I too love my carseat canopy! Seriously THE best thing!
I am so trying that bearnaked stuff! YUM!

Michelle said...

you always have great suggestions for every problem....keep them coming!

Darin and Courtney said...

Great picks!