Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lost and Found

In high school I kept this journal that I just wrote random quotes and feelings about whatever down. I haven't seen it for almost 6 years. I found it today and I loved looking through it. It brought back a ton of memories about myself and all the things I experienced. Especially spiritual things. I always took general conference notes in it so I could look back on things that influenced me personally. I specifically made this a journal with nothing but positive things in it. I think I'll show it to my kids when they are older and encourage them to keep a similar record of positive, uplifting experiences.
*8 Steps to Heaven
2 a day- scripture and prayer
2 a week- sacrament and FHE
2 a month- Pay tithing/visit teaching
2 a year- tithing settlement/recommend renewal (well, it used to be every year, you get the picture)

*I complained because I had no shoes and then I saw a man with no feet.
*Some dream big, others wake up and do them

*The PAST is behind, learn from it.
The FUTURE is ahead, prepare for it.
The PRESENT is now, enjoy it because tomorrow it is gone.

*The devil seeketh that all men might be miserable like unto himself. 2 Nephi 2;27
*Goals bring us success and help us to move forward happily, with purpose.
One of my faves:
*I'll keep my body as healthy as I can, but I'm not living up to anyone elses standards but my own. My body has done miraculous things for me. I'm not going to criticize it.

*Winning... How did you do it?
I kicked when I didn't want to kick and I stroked when I didn't want to stroke.
*Who shall put their faith in God shall be lifted up.
*Don't worry about the things we cannot change.
I am a pretty open person. But when it comes to the gospel It is almost impossible for me to speak publicly. I guess I have a hard time talking about something so personal. I need to be better at sharing the gospel with strangers or even family. I had a friend in high school who would often share her feelings about the church and her testimony. I could never do it in return even though I wanted to. Why is it hard to share the foundation of my life and who I am. The gospel is the reason I feel happiness each day. It is perfect, I am not. I need that stability in my life. I wrote this poem when I was 17. I still feel the same today.
With tears in my eyes I'll run to him to receive the hug I waited a lifetime for. I'll look at him and say I'm sorry for all the hurt and suffering I caused.
Express my love for him. Thank him for his mercy shown, then kiss his hands and feet.
I'll ask, Was it true that the greatest gift you could have given me would be for me to see myself the way you did?
Did you ever want to give up on me or think I would not return?
I thought of you often and cared for you always.
I'm grateful for the times I prayed and asked to feel your arms around me, then felt you all around me.
I stood in need of comfort and you comforted.
I wanted to be just like you, I never did succeed.
I saw your reflection in all that was pure.
I look at a picture of you and I'm humbled. Learn of you and I'm inspired. Spoke of you and I wept.
I love you very much.
I am grateful that you sent me there so I could come back home.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is a day late. He deserves a tribute for being the best daddy and husband we could ask for. We love you Shaun!
We sent him the little sign via text message since he worked all day long.
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So Far This Week

I picked up a sinus infection
Stuck my hand in fresh red paint
Went to Jumpin Jacks (fun and gross)
Visited Brianna and Marla
Finally found Gabby Body Glitter!
Found the BEST sale (online) for my kids spring summer clothes! Seriously, Juicy infant outfits for 35 bucks!!!
Payed too many bills including all hospital bills or at least I hope thats the last of em' (ouch)!
Cleaned my storage room out-ish. Now I have one more to go.
Celebrated Shaun's birthday. I (he bought himself) got him a gun. He is saying we have to be prepared for the future. Whatever that means!
Oh, and I decided Chuck-a-rama has THE best Mac'n cheese ever!!! No wonder I gained a pound over night...

Is it just me or does a wife/mothers 'chores' NEVVVVERRRRRR end?! Seriously. I can't make it to Friday and let out a big sigh of relief because every single thing in my house is perfect! I used to be able to do that. I am doing laundry around the clock. My laundry room always looks like hell. You'd never know I fold and put away at least 1 or 2 loads everyday. My counter top in there is rarely empty! The dishes! Forget it! I don't even keep track. I don't hate doing the dishes except for the fact that my supposedly LUXURY Viking washer kinda blows. it cleans them good but they come out soaking wet? Annoying.
I sure feel lazy when I lay on the couch some nights to watch tv knowing a world of chores are lurking around the corner... EACH corner for that matter!

We are sick this week so I am letting my house look like a bomb went off. This could get ugly considering it only takes Gabby 20 min to destroy my room and bathroom!
Her newest thing??? She found my stash of pads, yes maxi pads she takes them by the handful and calls them her "pink mail" she delivers them ALL through the house. LOVE it! Love her!Don't love finding them everywhere! :0

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stella's Blessing day {pictures}

January 4th, 2009

Stella's dress fit like a glove... Almost too tight for my plumpkin to wear!
We had great company, and wonderful food.
We love and appreciate you all!

After a pretty exhausting day,

And the next day, these!!!

I LOVE you too babe!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stella Jane Sullivan

These may as well not go out in the mail since everyone uses blogs now days anyway. The mail seems so old fashioned. But I love getting good mail rather than bills!