Friday, February 27, 2009

Stella- 2 month check up

Stella did great at her check up yesterday.  Gabby was horrified by the nurse giving her 'shops'. She said, "oh no! She hurt my sissy's wegs."  Then she told the nurse it wasn't her turn.

Weight 14lbs 7.5 oz.  96%
Height 24 in.   83%
head cir. 16.25  87%

Wish I would have posted all of Gabby's stats! I didn't and now I'm so mad I can't compare them.  I'm never sure if I remember things right.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stella and Gabby {lately}


Gabby is getting so big, talkative, and brave all before my very eyes. I can't believe this major blooming stage she is in.  She is not afraid of not being right by my side anymore and it's wonderful because she is starting to have so much fun with other people and their kids and my friends as well. She is no longer so shy and timid or I guess worried to speak to those who speak to her.  She is my little girly girl who just loves her sister to pieces! 

Stella just keeps on growing. I want her to stay a baby longer. I love her tiny {huge} soft little cheeks and little hands and feet. Her soft little skin and gummy smile.  I love to look into her eyes. She loves me in the purest form. I am so lucky to have children.  I am totally and utterly grateful.  
My heart truly goes out to two friends who are often on my mind who are dealing with a loss yet again.
The bath today.  She laughed for the first time!!
Right after a good hearty meal!
"Do my cheeks look full from this angle?"
Plump. Round. Squishy. Full.
Lots of smiles everyday
She looks SO OLD here!!! Stop growing up so fast!
Helping daddy get a drink
Laughing at daddy {suddenly} known as "Prince Charming"
Her favorite reassuring phrase, "Don't cry SteWa, Dabby's here"
She says, "Hold hands SteWa"
Watching Curious George together

Gabby and Stella,
My wonderful girls who bring me more joy than I could have imagined a child could bring.  I love you more than words could say.
Love, Mommy

Friday, February 6, 2009

Gabby's Prayer {tonight} and Vegas Highlights

Heavenly father
bless mommy, Stella,
Circus (Circus Circus in Vegas)
Curtain, Tobey (shaun's uncle Curt and Colby)
Grama Sherril, 2 grandmas,
Daddy, 2 papas,
Jojo, Adi
Jimmy Johns,
Pirate Pizza,
Russ, (can't figure this one out. She is pretty scared of him)
Taran, Tasha,
Jojo, Adi,
bebe, lace, brian
(our friends and their little girl)
2 Lace, baby (I'm pretty sure she was talking about my sister and Kenzie).

We say prayers every night with Gab and now she likes to say them with no help. I love hearing how her little mind works. 98% of the time she blesses things like her sparkly shoes, lip gloss, Snow White, Cinderella, Vegas, or Dancin' class. Tonight she added food favorites. I wanted to write this prayer down as exact as I could before I forgot.

When we were in Vegas this week we went to Neiman Marcus to exchange some jeans of Shauns. We have never taken Gabby into stores like this before (for obvious reasons). Lets just say she went BIZZZURK over the displays of clothes and shoes for new spring lines. All the mannequins in this one particular section (about 6 of them) were dressed in pink, purple, peach, and orangy tones. She wanted her shoes off immediately and was going crazy over these Miu Miu shoes that were like 5 in. platform heels with sparkles and butterflies. Then she wanted some Purple velvet wedge sandals that were outrageously fabulous. She absolutely thought we should buy her every outfit, shoe, and accessory on each mannequin. We got her to leave by saying could get them later, but we had to go get a diet coke now. She kept saying, "right back shoes, one minute," "right back dress." Really it sounded like this, "a back resses. A back shoes, a back netwace."
Shaun looked at me pretty seriously with a way worried look on his face and said, "She is gonna be expensive"
We always knew Gabby was girly, but we will never forget her sitting on the floor and taking off her {already fabulous} shoes right in the department store going from each mannequin in disbelief at how amazing they looked in their outfits! She totally gets it and was so overwhelmed by all the great stuff! This was one of our favorite moments with her because it is so her. It reminded me of the scene from Sweet Home Alabama when Patric Dempsey takes Resse Witherspoon to Tiffany to pick out any engagement ring she wanted. Any woman would be in heaven at that moment. Gabby was like that in the store. It was so cute to see her excitement! I am so bummed I forgot my camera. I would have loved to take pictures of this scenario and the rest of our trip.
Unfortunately for me and Shaun, Gabby is obsessed with Circus Circus {dirtiest, smokiest place on earth). She asks us to take her to "begas" like daily because she wants to see the pirate ship (Treasure Island) and the Circus (which blows!). We have fun playing games there with her though. It is hilarious how many stuffies we leave there with. You'd think we robbed the place. There are a couple games I rule at as well as Shaun.
Ne-yo was playing on Thursday night and we wanted to go way bad but having a newborn who is boob obsessed is pretty difficult to leave. Shaun's mom was totally willing to come tend both kids for us while we left but I could see that night being anything but smooth for her. Stella is one spoiled cookie. How do you think she is gettin so chubby!

One last thing for the night. We have no TV... WTH? We go out of town for 2 days and come home to black screens! Shaun was like, "We better just move this weekend, what are we gonna do with no TV?" I am scared that I'll have to miss the Bachelor and The City on Monday! That just won't sit too well with me. Yes, I paid the bill! It's automatic for heavens sake.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2 Months!

Today I am 2 months old. My mommy can't believe it. I weigh 14.2 lbs. I love, LOVE to eat {my mom is the BEST cook}. Occasionally I sleep 8-10 hours at night but then sometimes I remember how good of a cook my mommy is so we have a midnight snack if I feel like it. She doesn't mind, she just stares at me and then rocks be back to sleep. She kisses my chubby cheeks, neck, legs and even my toes. I think she really likes me. I have a rockin wardrobe but I'm so chubby that the clothes just don't quite fit right. Ps, The outfit I'm wearing here is 9 months!!! My sister was 16 lbs at 3 months. I'm just trying to fit in here!