Friday, July 3, 2009

7 Months

You're too cute for words.
I can't believe my baby is almost gone! Actually, I'm pretty sure you swallowed my baby...
I love you.

@7 months you:
Still sleep great (last night was your first 12 hour stretch, you woke up twice, and put yourself right back to sleep within 5 min.)
Are sitting up without help for longer now
Love to suck your toes (I did this too)
LOVE Gabby to clobber you
Have Not 1 but {TWO} teeth!!! (June 22nd)
Are finally liking baby food. It took a good month
Love mommy most still
Love car, stroller, shopping cart rides
Weigh 19 lbs. (Not the official Dr. office weight)
Will only nurse still
Love baby einstein now
Spend lots of time jumpin in your jumper (the must have baby toy of all time)
Will sit in your carseat FOREVER and not cry
I long for facing you forward- I literally can barely carry your car seat 100 feet
You're the best baby.


Camie said...

number three??

She really is a doll...can you even imagine life without them now!

LACY said...

what a cutie!!!

Jonathan, Kaity & Halle said...

How do you still carry her carseat at all?? I gave up about 5lbs ago and just lift Halle out of hers :). Which i've been meaning to ask you, when can you switch to a forward facing and do you know have any suggestions on a good "big girl" carseat? Stella is such a little chunk, I forget she is only a month younger than mine. Maybe because she weighs nearly a pound more. How do you have such big babies you're tiny!!

carly k said...

No way she is 7 months!!! Time flies:) You and your girls are so freakin cute!!