Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day of Preschool

Are you kidding me?! When did Gabby even turn 2 let alone 3 and August is halfway over!
Today my oldest baby grew up right before my very eyes. She walked into class told the "name tagging" teacher her name and totally walked away from me. She wasn't nervous at all. She was so excited to see Adi and Jr. and Elsie. Her and Ad were wearing the exact same skirt and shoes. Totally unplanned.
Gabby is learning so much and growing too fast. Mid July we had tubes put in her ears due to the fact that she was almost completely (temporarily) deaf. They have done wonders for her!! She can hear and speak so much better and it's only been a few weeks since she had it done. I can't believe how much her talking has already improved.

What a milestone the surgery and preschool have been for her this summer! I can't believe she is in school now. The first day was a total success. She loved it!
I am so happy to have these two beautiful healthy girls in my life. They make me want to be more than potential. They make my life so full of love, energy, entertainment, happiness and keep me focused on what truly matters.

Friday, August 14, 2009

8 Months

You and Gabby love to bathe side-by-side in the sink!

My you have grown.
I (still) love you more each day.

@ 8 months you:
Try to crawl, but only scoot (moaning in frustration the whole time)
have a hilarious little 3 toothed smile.
Wrinkle your nose, smile huge, and breath really fast. Its the cutest funniest thing.
Are not as good of a sleeper this month. Not sure what you're deal is little lady.
Love baby einstein movies
Want me to help you stand at toys and furiture all day long.
Have cankles, thunder thighs, and puffy cheeks!
Your hair stands STRAIGHT up at all times. You look like a turnip.
Want to be big and play how Gabby does.
eat everything you can get your hands on.