Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I've fallen for FALL

I am under a spell. I got the itch to bust out my decorations that have been in deep, DEEP hibernation for about 3 years.
I love fall. I can't wait to take Gabby on countless drives again this year to find all the "scary houses" and dress them up on Halloween!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vegas baby! Kid style!!!

{Lied Children's Museum}
Singing: "Beauty and the Beast"
and "Under the Sea"
She chose to dress up as... none other than Belle.
Decisions are so hard!
Us inside our own bubble!
Pretty much Stella's only real hands on activity...
Flying the plane while wearing the fire hat
Ready for take off!!!
That will be $5 please
Picking out her own groceries
Suite @ the Marriott

We decided spur of the moment on Friday evening to get out of town and cater to the kids/Gabby all weekend. We packed up and headed to Vegas, used some Marriott points and stayed @ the JW in Summerlin. It was WONDERFUL!!!
We started out by visiting the Lied Children's museum on Saturday morning. WAY fun for all of us! Me and Shaun even really enjoyed ourselves. Gabby could not get enough! It is all 100% hands on experiences. After spending half the day there we went back to the hotel for naps. Then off to the pool then dinner and bedtime.
Sunday we woke up and headed to Circus Circus since it is Gab's favorite place on the planet... {yuck!} She could have rode that awful carousel til' it broke down. and the hot air balloon ferris wheel was also a hit. Most of the rides are total kiddie rides so it was perfect for her. Then we took her to the New outdoor mall, Town Center or whatever it's called. The playground there is so cute. I'm tempted to run wild there... She loves that tree house thing with slides and the little pretend kitchen. Then it was off to yogurt Land and Sanrio, then home. We planned the whole weekend just for her. Stella was just happy to be a part of all the excitement. It was fun to get away and just play as a family. We had the best time!

Circus Circus!

Hot air balloon ride. Stella's favorite from what we could tell
Yogurt Land. Yes, Stella had plenty!
After a sweaty good time @ the playground, We enjoyed the nice weather and strolled along the park area.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just today...

you learned to:
Pull up to stand! (on anything)
sat up in your crib after nap time! I was pleasantly greeted by a big smiling face when I came in to get you.
Were StANdInG in your crib after your second nap!!! Ahh! We Immediately lowered your crib to the very bottom. It's a long way down. Mommy practically has to drop you down in there now.
and you:
Weigh in at 21.1 lbs.
Are going to be a hippo for halloween! Since we call you Gloria there was nothing more fitting.
I rocked you to sleep last night and held you long after you fell asleep because I feel you're growing up way too fast! I can't stand it.

{Just wanted to remember this day for when you're all grown up}

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It was {{{mostly}}} an accident!

This post is kind of for Emily, just for fun. She said my blog really sucks. It does. I know.

My husband was away for longer than I knew what to do with myself...
I'll bet I'll be sending some stuff back. I'm the queen of RETURNS (not proud of that) Why waste the money in the first place? Then I have to waste other people's time, or mine once again. My conclusion is; I like the thrill-in the beginning, then the guilt enters my mind.
BUT I won't be returning these amazing{!!!} finds for sure:
Gabby needs some boots and I'm over Uggs. So... She agreed to these for 2 reasons:
I told her Pocahontas has them.
AND the fringe is really beautiful and shakes like a pompom!
She instantly decided I was right, she DOES need them.
This dress is insane! I LOVE it and it is finally on sale for a FRACTION of the original price!
Elegant! Gabby's 3 yr pics will probably likely feature this little number?

Picked myself up this necklace!

Then decided I had to have a few of these amazing little handmade clips by her.
So cute!

Friday, September 4, 2009

9 Months

Stella was 9 months yesterday! She is too much fun. We are loving having 2 kids. But then again, she made the transition from one to two a piece of cake!

@ 9 months you:
Have 6 teeth.
Can army crawl/crawl really good now
always have rug burn/chapped knee. Yes, only one knee is chapped.
You basically crawl on 3's not all fours. Hence the above knee problem from you dragging it.
Love to eat baby food finally. And every other food out there.
Absolutely love your sink tubbys with Gabby.
Take great naps and sleep all night every night.
Weigh slightly over 20 lbs.
can pull up onto your knees. Can't figure out the standing up part just yet.
Have a cold right now. :( It makes me sad to see you sick.