Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vegas baby! Kid style!!!

{Lied Children's Museum}
Singing: "Beauty and the Beast"
and "Under the Sea"
She chose to dress up as... none other than Belle.
Decisions are so hard!
Us inside our own bubble!
Pretty much Stella's only real hands on activity...
Flying the plane while wearing the fire hat
Ready for take off!!!
That will be $5 please
Picking out her own groceries
Suite @ the Marriott

We decided spur of the moment on Friday evening to get out of town and cater to the kids/Gabby all weekend. We packed up and headed to Vegas, used some Marriott points and stayed @ the JW in Summerlin. It was WONDERFUL!!!
We started out by visiting the Lied Children's museum on Saturday morning. WAY fun for all of us! Me and Shaun even really enjoyed ourselves. Gabby could not get enough! It is all 100% hands on experiences. After spending half the day there we went back to the hotel for naps. Then off to the pool then dinner and bedtime.
Sunday we woke up and headed to Circus Circus since it is Gab's favorite place on the planet... {yuck!} She could have rode that awful carousel til' it broke down. and the hot air balloon ferris wheel was also a hit. Most of the rides are total kiddie rides so it was perfect for her. Then we took her to the New outdoor mall, Town Center or whatever it's called. The playground there is so cute. I'm tempted to run wild there... She loves that tree house thing with slides and the little pretend kitchen. Then it was off to yogurt Land and Sanrio, then home. We planned the whole weekend just for her. Stella was just happy to be a part of all the excitement. It was fun to get away and just play as a family. We had the best time!

Circus Circus!

Hot air balloon ride. Stella's favorite from what we could tell
Yogurt Land. Yes, Stella had plenty!
After a sweaty good time @ the playground, We enjoyed the nice weather and strolled along the park area.


erica said...

oh man, i swear i went to that museum as a kid. LOVED it! i totally remember all of it. so fun!

Sandi said...

Sooo Fun! Gabby was so funny at the cheer clinic yesterday! She was loving life with the cheerleaders! Have a great day!

Marcie said...

So much fun Linds! I can't to do fun things like that with my little guy. Gabby looks just like you when you were that age. I remember!!

Lindsey said...

Yes Marce, she totally does! Only difference is I don't take her to Kaye's cut n' curl for perms! her is all natural! Haha. I was a disgrace!

Brandy said...

We had that same trip! How nice is it to just get away and do what you want? Looks like you had a ball!!!! We need to get together....

Camie said...

What a great day in Vegas...

RickAndGina said...

So much fun!! Her boots looks darling, good buy! I love the pic of Stella eye-balling Gab's yogurt! Too cute.

djzmcallister said...

Those kind of trip are so fun. It looks like a fun museum for kids.

Heidi's Bric a Brac said...

Is that Shaun in the stroller next to Gabby? Oh wait, I was having a flash from the past! IDENTICAL!