Thursday, October 22, 2009

School Pictures

"picture day." Gabby just loves Barefoot. I'm glad that is where we decided to enroll her.

I don't have a scanner so this is a picture of the picture via photo booth. Hence the sweet quality and lighting.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mediocre Mother Monday: (Chubby) Computer Mom

It's true, I don't give myself enough credit for all that I do. But, I don't wanna get into the mentality that wiping my kids bum earns me points in the grand scheme of things because lets face it, it's required. Its not a lot of fun but they are cute bums and I get plenty of interesting conversation while fulfilling my requirements each day.
Gabby actually came in last week while I was sitting @ my computer and said, "please could you play with me now?" She had been so busy playing while Stella slept and had not made a peep for almost an hour. I felt guilt wash over me so I went in and let her do my makeup yet again. Then she asked me (I don't remember her exact words) if I wanted to put on one of her prettyful dresses so I didn't look like a computer mom all day. Oh wow, A computer mom... Enough said about where I'm spending too much "quality" time. I told her, "I would love to wear one of your dresses but I don't think it would fit." She said, "Oh yeah, you're a tiny bit too chubby." Ahhh! She is now on this kick where if someone is "bigger" for instance, a pregnant woman she talks/yells about it. Plenty loud for them to hear. There was the CUTEST tiny/huge pregnant girl in Target weeks ago and she kept repeating herself, "Mom why does her have a really chubby tummy?" Or something along the lines of, why is that man really so chubby?
We have officially entered the 'my child speaks and embarrasses me' stage. I kinda love it!

I don't have much to say since I got most of it off my chest a few days back (that must be why my 'no-longer-nursing' breasts have shriveled up to a sparse B cup).
So, I'm off to watch what still remains on the DVR. I mean, polish my silver.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jibber Jabber

My blog is amazing to me because I love my life and all that it is filled with. It is just a great way to record life as it passes to share with your kids and family. BUT, I used to love to blog for the mind spewing opportunity I let off every once in awhile. Not for negative things, just let off whatever had been brewing for who knows how long (while being held hostage by my 3 yr. old).
I have to admit the famous "anonymous" rude-olph the snot nosed commenter(s) really pissed me off. I don't care if you think I'm a bragger. I'm actually not. I feel like I do share things that make me happy and things I get excited about... I don't blab about elaborate gifts, trips, or whatever you meanies are imagining. I don't recall ever blogging any "look what I have", or "look what I can do" type of posts. I read my friends blogs and see flowers, new shoes, jewelry they received as a surprise, their homes being built, or a great pair of jeans they splurged on and think to myself, "Wow, good for them! That is so fabulous. I also realize people love their children more than thighs love a donut shop and that their blog is all about their children and all they are because it's for them! There is no such thing as over loving your kids and being too happy about all they do and say. If you get 'nauseated' by my blog for whatever reason, please click elsewhere in the future. I never wish people didn't have it good, or wish they were miserable in life by way of being jealous and or writing hurtful things to them on their personal site and hide my identity for the sake of who knows what. I can't think of much that is more inappropriate when it comes to blogging.
In the future, If you consider yourself a "friend" as the few of you mentioned or acted as if you had known me since grade school then left your comment with one of these: :), please, send me a private email to air your feelings out about how much I brag and nauseate you.
Here's to blogging because I feel like it.

I am so proud to say I deleted 5+ shows from the ol' DRV roster last week! Yeah, there are a few left... that is so pathetic. I have said goodbye to Greys, Glee, One Tree Hill, MTV all in itself, and Chelsea Lately. The only one I watched religiously was Greys but I'm kinda done being a waste of space. I'm pretty sick about the fact that in relief society under the "hobbies and special interests" I had to write: wish I had some... Please teach me @ enrichment. 619-****. I believe shortly after writing that I shot a comment over to Carly P and s.o.s'd her to teach me to sew. Then started hitting up "sewing night" at Lacey's round the corner with no machine or fabric to my name! I have nothing I'm good at or enjoy outside of "husbands company" or "being a mother of 2" So, heres to learning new skills and developing some talent up in here. Somehow... I'm not gonna start singing acapella into the webcam but I may just buy a sewing machine!
The first step is admitting you have a problem right?! (too much TV) Now, I'll fill the void somehow.
With that being said, I'm going to start writing on my blog on Mondays for my "Mediocre Mother Monday" Because I enJOY writing.

10 months

Jet-puffed marshmallow pigs

Stella Jane you're straight from Heaven! Hand made just for me. You're A true blessing, no disguise necessary! I could just eat you up and swallow you whole. I could hold you and stare all day long but you wouldn't let me because you're too busy exploring your world from one minute to the next. I want you to slow down but hurry up and play with us! We're fun and girly and oh so silly. We can't wait to have you know what we're talking about so Gabby can teach you how to be sassy but sweet, fashion conscious and her finger wrapping skills.
You're my little ball of butter mixed with joy and sunshine too. I love you in our life, you make the days seem brighter. I can't wait for all that's ahead, but I'll sit back and watch you grow with a huge smile across my face because you have stolen my heart and set that stinkin thing on fire. Girl, I'm glad you're mine forever, you've come to the right place! Thank goodness this family is aboard the Eternal Express!
Love mommy.

@ 10 months you:
Are so busy
have 7 teeth
army crawl over regular crawl but can do both
Stand up with great ease
Walk or "cruise" along any vertical surface
have adorable silly facial expressions
are captivated by gabby's voice
never cry or fuss
have stick straight hair that stands up tall come rain or shine. VOLUME-ous strands one day!
still have the fattest feet I've ever seen But I have found several shoes that fit you!
Wear 18-24 mo. clothes for the most part but some 12-18 too.
Sleep 12hr. @ night from 8pm to 8 am. Take 2 naps for 2 hr. each.
Clap your hands
Feed yourself not only your food but everything on the floor...
Play "So big" 24/7

Weight: 22.27 lbs.
Height: 30 in.