Monday, November 16, 2009

11 months

11 months, 13 days. I'm late!

Stella Jane! I just love you to pieces woman

@ 11 Months you:
Have 7 teeth
Are an amazing sleeper
Still have the best little temperment
Are always happy
Talk non-stop.
Can say, dada, mama, ba-ba, be-be, do-do, no-no, bahdah, bahdah (jibberish!!)
Love to put your fingers on your lips and make silly noises.
Do "so big" all day long
Clap for yourself
Have eczema pretty bad
Try to put everything on your head (sunglasses, hats, bowls, headbands, etc)
Crawl like a true champ now.
Stand alone here and there but go down fast.
Not even close to walking.
Finally keep shoes on and they will fit your fat but thinning feet!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mediocre Mother

I have totally abandoned my blog mostly because I don't have the patience to put up with my computers internal issues. I have to "force quit" about every 2 seconds with makes it fun to use and it won't upload pictures...

The past couple weeks have been crazy like everyone's lives right? I mean when exactly is life not crazy and full of, "oh we just laid around all week" moments. I don't think those are the things we look forward to. So, we have been getting our vaccinations, going to school, getting ready for the holidays, putting our Halloween decorations "back to bed" and realizing we need to buy a Christmas tree! I want to get one from the Jubilee.
I love Christmas, but don't love the stress of getting everything done in a hurry and stressing the whole time.

Last week I picked Gab up from school and needed to head to the post office for about the 50th time. I had a tired baby, and a 3 year old... This 3 year old waited so nice in the line smashing her sisters face between her hands and talking adorable baby talk to keep her entertained and to "calm down, Gabby's here." We only had 2 people left in front of us. There were about 6 people behind us. Suddenly Gabby is freaking out saying how bad she has to go potty. FOR THE LOVE! She said, "mommy I'm trying to hold it so hard but some came out in my panties and I don't want my boots to get wet!" Of course not!
She got out of school at 3. It was now 3:32... Does the post office have a restroom? Of course not! We flew out the door to the nearest..... Dental office? yeah. They were happy to have us. Then, business was handled and we were right back in line. At the END. it was now 3:42. We had been at the post office merely hanging out for almost an hour. I was loving it:)

2 days after the 'day at the post office' I left the room for a couple minutes thinking Stella was still in her bouncer, no. I had taken her out. Um, we haD no gate yet. She was heading up our horrifying stairs. She had never even touched them or been near them. Well, she made it up 10 of them!!!!!! Ahhh. I'm SUCH a good mom. She was not even phased except beyond ecstatic about her accomplishment. I screamed and flew up them to rescue her and felt sorry for myself and my lack of responsibility the rest of the afternoon. I ate a doughnut or 2.

Also, Don't dress up as a witch for Halloween and wear 'Mambo' colored loose powder on your cheeks for 'witch' blush. It is not a good idea and comes out looking like you're sea sick. Halloween was a total loss this year. I was SO not prepared with appropriate costumes. We were all kinda last minute witches and it didn't make for a good photo op.

Have a great week!! This week has GOT to be better than last for me...