Friday, December 25, 2009

...Christmas 2009 Part 2...

The Princess couch may have been the biggest hit ever for Gabby. I hate it.
Little HK gumball and water dispenser... Bad idea.

Cutest biker babe in WFields! (yep, she was carrying a naked baby in her baby carrier)
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..Christmas 2009...

It's been 2 years since I've had an official tree agian. 9 footer. I loved it. But I'm no good with ribbon. But really, is any one surprised? I have zero skills!
Santa searched hi and lo for this Hello Kitty bike. It was a Hello Kitty kind of Christmas at the Sully res.
The DS. She has mad skills. Blows me away... She's 3!
I'm the first to admit, Stella got the shaft. She got a ladybug scooter and the pop up tents...
A few outfits and some great stuff from the grandparents. But really, she just wants anything and everything. So, she was spoiled by everyone else. We gave Santa the okay to go easy on her

Merry Christmas to all and to all a happy 201o!!!
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweet Gabrielle

(Today, 12/03/09) you're 3 and a HALF! I can't believe it's come and gone. I love your little voice and cute little timid shyness around new people. Then you burst with conversation that moves at the speed of light. You love all things girly, sparkly, pink, purple, jeweled, bright and the list goes on and on. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would get a girl so girly! My dreams came true. You love to dance and sing and simply run loose through the house.
I enjoy your constant conversations with me or Stell in the car telling us what you see, what we should say or how it is our turn to sing. You know it all and even know it all for everyone else too.

Details special to me
Some things you said that I never want you or me to forget:

"Mom, when I was a tiny baby and the Dr. took me out of your tummy was I bawling because I wanted to go back to Jesus?"

Mom, why is your tummy a little bit chubby all the time? Are you having a brother for me?

"Stell is pretty chubby but we really love her"

"My Grandma sherril is kinda old and wears glasses but she is really pretty"

Why does ****'s mommy have rasins all over her face?

"One time I was getting Ariel tattoos on my hands and Jesus said, "Gabby, don't do that, it's bad" so my mommy got me in the tub."

Gabby: Mom lets go to Jibby Johns and get a diet coke. Me: Um, we aren't getting Diet Coke anymore because it's bad for our tummy's" Gabby: We can just go to a different store to get a different kind of diet.

"Can I borrow your wedding dress and those white flowers and sparkly shoes so me and my prince charming could go get married in Las Begas?

I was tucking you into bed... "mom, make room for Gaston, him is taking his boots off so he doesn't get my bed dirty." (excuse me!?)

Your prince charmings changed on a daily/hourly basis. Ranging from, Aladin, Gaston, Beast, Prince Philip, or Prince Charming or even Cinjun from your pre school class...

You make me laugh, hysterically most days. You get a feisty attitude and really like your way but have such a soft little heart and rarely make a scene longer than a minute. You are for sure a joy and have been a easy little toddler. You are doing so good in your preschool class at Barefoot Montessori. You love to color and draw. You draw people, smiley faces, suns, some letters/numbers and are getting really good at hearts too.
You are so beautiful and kind to others. You love your friends and family more than anything. You are so thoughtful of others and concerned for people. You are genuine and sweet.
I'm so glad Heavenly father trusted me to be your mother and gave me this privilege. I love you so much my Gabby girl.

Monday, December 21, 2009


(Shaun was practically on his knees and I'm wearing 5" heels...
Still a height difference. Our 16 inch height difference really cramps picture day!)

Gabby was a total and I mean total stinker! She was not having it. Our shoot was short. I was totally bummed out that I didn't get any of the girls together or individuals of the Gabber but what did I except? She isn't a huge fan of smiling for total strangers. I'm not sure where she gets that from... (Hint: me!!!)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stella's 1st Birthday Bash

{Party} in {Pictures}

The banner by Carly- I'll be using these every year for each of my kids on any special days they have

The BIRTHDAY girl!

The Hippo

The cake Jenny and I designed


First taste of cake
Love @ first bite

Almost had enough...

So happy!

The damage

Showin some love
(Tae, Kenzie, Gabby)

Birthday LOOT

Sogged out, and ready for nigh' night.

{Small Details}
Stella the hippo baby turned one and it seems like she was born weeks ago. This baby thing flies by. I'm sure the 3rd will grow up even faster. I am just trying to sit back and enjoy as I take it all in.

We had a fun little family party for Stell and it was perfect. Grandma Heidi busted out her serious cake makin' skills along with Jenny to make this cute mod/hippo cake to match her birthday banner and shirt. Wow, it all turned out so cute I think! Thanks to all the help!

Stella was the life of her party and loved every minute of it! She dove right into the chocolate cake and never held back once the fondant was off. We loved to watch her interact with the cousins as they helped her unwrap her gifts and go to town on the new toys! She was in heaven.

How Mom felt: I didn't want this day to end. I had so much fun getting everything all ready for you. I loved that you were my one year old because as a mother it feels like a year of accomplishments for both of us. Watching you grow and meeting your ever little need is the act of pure selfless love that cannot be taught or learned or faked. I love you Stell, Happy birthday.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[ONE] year

Birthday Girl

Stella Jane you're one year old! I would have missed it if I blinked. Luckily I kept my eyes wide open. I watched your endless stares. I watched you look at your little family with loving adoring eyes. Each day you put your trust in me that I would be there no matter what. I can count on one finger the night(s) you fussed and couldn't settle down. You have been an angel since your arrival that cold December morning. I prayed and prayed that this delivery would go nice and smooth so we could peacefully get acquainted. I felt different giving birth this time around- Confident in my ability to love and care for you. I already knew how to do everything just right without that constant worry. You made me happier than I could have imagined; I worried that I couldn't love another child quite as much as I'd loved the first. How could there be any room in my heart? There was a space just for you to fill and I'm positive it's spilling over.
I love you Stella Jane!
Love, Mommy

@ [ONE] you:
Jabber all day saying: Mommy, Dada, Gabby, No-No, Ba-ba, Nigh, Nigh.
Do things like: Point (to EVERYTHING, nod your head, jump in your crib
Look for Gabby from the minute you wake up and call her name
Love peek-a-boo
Try to feed us
Love to look at books
Play so wonderful by yourself and with sister.
Are pretty good at taking a few steps alone
can now stand up in the middle of the room (not holding on to anything)
Climb the stairs super fast
Don't crawl much anymore.... uh oh!
Sleep pretty great still. 11-12 hours each night.
Are almost... almost off the bottle. 2 a day for now. You were guzzling 4 until last week.
Have 10 or 12 teeth. (12 that I can feel)
Giggle lots
Make us smile all day long.

(2 weeks old)