Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring has Sprung

This was absolutely hilarious to me. I was laughing so loud the neighbors were staring. I couldn't help but get my camera out to capture Stella's face from her content experience with the chocolate and powedered doughnut. She was acting so silly!
Oh the pink push car has been a favorite toy of both girls. Stella absolutely loves it and cries each time it's time to go inside. EACH time! She'll happily play outside alone with no older sidekick. The girls have loved the back yard so far and spring has only just begun!

They love to have a popsicle in their play house. When it was time to come in they were both taking it pretty hard. It started to get windy and as you can tell they had stripped down to panties and diap due to getting soaked from their big sink outside.
So, mom brought the slide in for them to continue the fun. I just LOVE bulky toys to add the the load of stuff we already have in the house! half the time I bring in the barbie jeep. So this isn't as bad.
Enjoy your Spring and Happy Easter!!!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Showing some love

Some things I'd hate to miss out on:

OPI, "You Don't Know Jaques" The perfect taupe color.
MAC lipstick in Pretty Please. Without fail, each time I go to Nordstrom, they are out.
It is in my opinion the perfect shade of nude/pale pink! It just goes with any eyeshadow.
Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner
I use the pink kind. I am in love with how my hair feels and keeps its color.

Gel Nails. I have never had them done but my friend Brandy had her sister do hers and they looked amazing. So, I headed over and got navy blue nails that are fabulous and chip proof! no more chipping off my nail polish during sacrament meetings! I can't wait to try her other
colors. I'm not into acrylic, they look nice but they are high maint and get too long. I like shorter manicured nails.

Parenting with Love and Logic.
Great book, amazing advice for kids young and grown. I have learned a lot.

1,2,3 Magic is also awesome. One line that stood out and I'll never forget... went something like this: a parent yelling at their child is simply an adult having a tantrum. They have lost control and no longer know how to handle the situation.
HELLO!! Have we all been there or what?! Well I never have but I'm sure I'm the only one;)

From the Orange Peel, Bubble tea with Green coconut, Thai coconut and Almond. No sweetner. My absolute favorite treat!! You must try.

Biviel Shoes. Need I say more. I only have a few pair. But each is as comfortable as the next and they are all heels. 4+ inches due to my little height set back. I recently purchased these!

These are way cuter in person. At least that is what my mirror is telling me.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Fabulous Ariel's Grotto. I would have to agree that @ $30 per adult and $15 per child that is some expensive dining. But is it really? Nope! It's totally worth EVERY penny!!! No lines. They treat you like gold. And the kids like the food. You are guaranteed a visit from 5 princesses. Not just a measly hello either. We got tons of pictures, autographs, and plenty of conversations from Gabbys anyway. She asked Aurora where prince Philip was?!
Seriously, this trip was all about Gabby seeing the princesses for me. I was dead set on having her dine like a princess in their presence. I was thrilled with the way it turned out.
A disney MUST DO!!
Stella mostly said "WOW" the entire trip. Even before we entered the park she was in awe. How wonderful to see her light up at every single thing that met her untrained eye. Loved seeing her flabbergasted.
I love the pic in the stroller. It was literally our last 20 yards to the hotel. They were beyond exhausted after 3 days of Disney love.
Stella did not love Ariel's Grotto, or any of the princesses for that matter. She liked the Jello.
We were laughing when we saw Goofy because all Stell would do is grab his giant tooth. She could only stare at his mouth.
We had the best time! Until next time.Posted by Picasa