Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dixie Cheer Clinic #2

Gabby loved her first little cheer clinic she did back in the fall. So, we did it again for basketball... It did not go over well. She was stoked to play the part. BUT not dance in that tiny packed gym. She stood there frozen. And when the older cheerleaders held her up as a flyer, she put her head down! ha. It was too cute. She gets her shyness from me for sure. I could have never been a cheerleader in high school... Why? Because I could never get over the fact that I would have had to stand up in front of a crowd with my legs in someones face all night. Serious.
Gabby is so into dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading. I hope she continues to have the desires to be actively involved in these activities. I think it is so good to have your kids involved in school and things that build their character and self-esteem. I love this little super star.
I will admit, I am the one to blame for the bad, bright, uneven eyeshadow. Still adorable!
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LACY said...

Cute Gabs!