Friday, March 26, 2010

Showing some love

Some things I'd hate to miss out on:

OPI, "You Don't Know Jaques" The perfect taupe color.
MAC lipstick in Pretty Please. Without fail, each time I go to Nordstrom, they are out.
It is in my opinion the perfect shade of nude/pale pink! It just goes with any eyeshadow.
Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner
I use the pink kind. I am in love with how my hair feels and keeps its color.

Gel Nails. I have never had them done but my friend Brandy had her sister do hers and they looked amazing. So, I headed over and got navy blue nails that are fabulous and chip proof! no more chipping off my nail polish during sacrament meetings! I can't wait to try her other
colors. I'm not into acrylic, they look nice but they are high maint and get too long. I like shorter manicured nails.

Parenting with Love and Logic.
Great book, amazing advice for kids young and grown. I have learned a lot.

1,2,3 Magic is also awesome. One line that stood out and I'll never forget... went something like this: a parent yelling at their child is simply an adult having a tantrum. They have lost control and no longer know how to handle the situation.
HELLO!! Have we all been there or what?! Well I never have but I'm sure I'm the only one;)

From the Orange Peel, Bubble tea with Green coconut, Thai coconut and Almond. No sweetner. My absolute favorite treat!! You must try.

Biviel Shoes. Need I say more. I only have a few pair. But each is as comfortable as the next and they are all heels. 4+ inches due to my little height set back. I recently purchased these!

These are way cuter in person. At least that is what my mirror is telling me.


Bergesons said...
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Bergesons said...

The shoes have potential... I def have to see them on!