Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Better late than never. Happy Easter!

It was still slightly chilly for our tea party in our new Easter dresses. But, we didn't seem to mind once the suckers, gumballs, sugar cookies and cupcakes showed up!
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Thank goodness the nice weather is here to stay!!! {Fingers crossed}
We're moving the outdoor toys OUTDOORS!
I'm ready for the Barbie Jeep and slide to give back my family room.

Happy Spring!
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

I gotta feeling...

I want another BABY!?

Baby Stella

This was maybe the happiest day of my entire life so far. I cannot remember ever feeling happier.
Instant love for her baby sister.
Was Gabby really this young when I had Stella? She looks like a baby herself!
~About 2 hours before Stella came to town~
I am SO mad this picture is not clear! It does not do my giant-ness justice.
Lets just say I was itching and ready to go.

I am in a crazy state of mind. I want another baby. I am not scared and I can't push the feeling aside. I'm more like trying to talk myself out of getting fat and uncomfortable. But, of course I'm that lady who does not get sick and loves being pregnant. I really do. It doesn't bother me except for the constant urge to pee. Despite how RIDICULOUS I look pregers, I think I'm ready but I'm gonna give it 3 or 4 more months to make sure I'm really up for it. I could have a melt down tomorrow and change my mind forever.
But Stella has been so dang easy and I see and feel myself mellow out and not try to control every moment and action with my kids.
I miss having a new born. Both of my babies latched right on and were so easy to nurse. I think I'm just missing that whole first new stage. But then again, Gabby was the worst sleeper and cried so much. I am not sure I'm ready if I get another crier. Stella never cried. She only had one bad night where I was up til midnight with her and she wasn't even crying, just fussy. I still cannot believe that. Gabby would bawl for 2 or 3 hours straight some nights as a new born for who knows what reason. Night and day babies for sure! I just have to keep trying to remember everything you go through with a newborn. I swear you forget it all until you're faced with it again.

Baby Gabby

Little Gabber in the NICU. Poor girl had a really rough few days. I was a mess and terrified and completely overwhelmed. I didn't think I'd ever adjust and get dressed in normal clothes again. Ever! My c-section hurt so bad. I couldn't even hold her standing up for about a week?
I love what motherhood does to a woman. Talk about sink or swim.
I'm grateful for my mother and mother-in-law and all my sisters.
I am also so grateful my Heavenly Father gave me the divine roll of motherhood. These sweet girls could not possibly be more precious to me.

Time flies when we're having fun!!!

Couple retreat.

His beloved carrot juice at the Bellagio Cafe. (Eww)

Cutest frog
Kind of reminded me of Bugs Life

Vegas seems to be our go-to spot. Close to home, great eating and shopping and wonderful entertainment. Last weekend we went to see John Mayer. Shaun had really been wanting to see him. I totally jumped at the chance to take him to another concert. He had never gone to a single concert when we got married! What? I went to dozens in high school and college. I love music. I am dying to see Elton John and Tom Petty. I am not afraid to admit that I'd also love to see Rod Stewart! I love most music from so many eras.
We stayed at the Bellagio. We stayed there with my family years and years ago while we were dating. It used to be my favorite but it is starting to look a little ran down in the rooms. We loved walking through the cute spring display. Gabb would have loved it.
John Mayer was amazing live. Amazing. He rocks out and pulls the craziest faces while he sings... Weird. But a great night. I did not bring my purse or camera to the concert. I'm bummed cuz I would have got some great pictures.