Sunday, May 23, 2010

{B}est {F}riends {F}orever

These to girls are opposites. Night and day. I love it. They love each other to the core! They are already true BFF's. I snapped these pictures of them just playing. At least 100 times a day Gabby grabs Stell for a squeeze even if she wants no affection from her... Whatever Gab does, Stell is sure to follow or just deals with it.

...Each is so special to my heart...

Graduation Class of 2010...Gabby

You have to make this big and notice the 2nd picture. Hilarious!!
She is so mad at me for taking pictures.

Little Gabby has just absolutely loved school this year. She was never scared to go even for a minute from the very first day. No hesitation here (which surprised me because it took her 16 months to go to nursery without bawling). Barefoot has been so wonderful and I am happy with how much she is learning. She can count to ten in all sorts of languages, knows all the continents and lots about them. She knows all about animals, reptiles, land, water, people and their homes and flags. She is a bright little girl who I couldn't be more proud of!! Congratulations Gabrielle! We love you.

She will be embarrassed one day but I have to post it for memory sake. This little girl is quite the performer. BUT, not in front of other adults. Her teachers say she is not shy at all in class or in front of them but to all those parents in the audience she gets oh so shy and worried. These pictures make me feel for her because I remember to this day feeling the exact same way! We are so alike it's frightening! There were times when I was little that if people would talk to me and say things like, "oh you're getting so big Lindsey" or "Oh you're growing up so pretty" I thought they were making fun of me.

Little Gab had diarrhea til about 7pm that evening. It took her all day to get over the big graduation ordeal. She was a trooper and didn't cry but boy did she hide behind the little Halie in the pink dress!!! To get up on that platform was sheer terror but she did it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

...Pierced ears for Stella...

*sorry, i don't know how to rotate my pics*

Monday I had decided to give Stella a mini make over by getting her ears pierced, hair cut and of course nails painted.
She bawled so hard during her hair cut I was holding her and She just felt so attacked! Poor girl. She got over it the second the cape came off.
Needless to say, I didn't get pictures of the mud flap removal cut. BUT I did get pics of her earrings after. Since I was holding her down then too.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Swim "camp"

...Love the pointed toes...
...Blowing bubbles...
...Playing by Lisa...
...The supportive sister...

Gabby took swim lessons from Cute Shayli last year and wanted NOTHING to do with it then or now. She would bawl and bawl and never quit. This year I let her decide. she said she liked shayli as a cheerleader, but not a swim teacher... She said, "I just don't like her mom. I only want her to be a cheerleader."
This time around Stella is forced to do the lessons and Gabby is just there at her own "swim camp" for support. Stel did so good! She never cried until the last few lessons when she had to pass off a few survival tricks that she passed with flying colors!! Go STELLA!

The last few days when Stella cried during her lessons she would just whimper, "yeah, yeah yeah" over and over again. And sometimes shout out a "ding dong" What a cutie!

17 months. Stella.

Lots has happened to this little girl since the 13 month walking post...

She went through adenoid/ear tube surgery last month. She was a snorer, a bad sleeper, always sick, had a perma cough and runny nose, and just always seemed not herself to me. I had to do it. I had scheduled the surgery once before and swallowed the 100 dollar fee for canceling 2 weeks before. And I had also taken her to see 3 dr's... I prayed and fasted and had a really hard time with this decision. It was the right thing to do. She is SO much happier now.

@ 17 Months:
Has started to really come into her little personality more and more. Here's what we're noticing:
You don't mind a mess. In fact, the messier the better in your mind. You dump out every toy, bucket, crayon, movie etc. I love it. Gabby just says, "Ughhhh! Stell!"

Love your Minnie and Mickey Mouse toys.
Go through several outfits a day. (Gabby never ever got her clothes dirty) I can't believe how different my kids are!
Love eggs, avocado, milk, hot dogs, blueberries and soy beans.
Have all your teeth (minus your 2 year molars I believe)
New words: Ding dong, tiptoe, tickle tickle, Uhh Ohh!, Gabby, dog, Yeah yeah yeah (in clusters of 3, when she is crying. it's the cutest thing!) Nummys, bye bye.
Just got your ears pierced!!!!
Just had your first haircut!!! (No more rat tail/mud flap)
Have HUGE, chubby, square feet. (size 6, almost too small)

Love ice cream cones... it's a nightmare for the carseat!
Are still the cutest thing in the world to your little family