Monday, June 28, 2010

Buzz Worthy

Every once in awhile I have to post on things I am totally digging.

1. Loreal Double extend Mascara. This stuff is by far my favorite mascara to date. I traded in my beloved Lancome and gave this a go. It comes off so easily when you wash your face. None of that black athletic-looking under-eye black out smudge stain... This comes off all wormy in little strands. Not sure if that is the best description but: it's awesome and comes off easy. Not to mention cheaper than "good mascaras"
2. Shellac Nail products. I am a little obsessed with nail polish and my fingers and toes being smudge free all the time. I hate chips and smudges and all that stuff that comes with polishing them... I was getting my nails done by a friend and have loved the axxium by OPI gel soak offs. But, I wanted it all to myself so I could do my nails any time. So I bought the new Shellac (kinda the same stuff) by CND. and I am absolutely loving it. You have to buy your own lamp and the stuff is a little pricey but it lasts for so long and remains flawless for the most part! What could be better! I can't wait for more colors to come out.

3. Quinoa (Keen-wa). My kids are gobbling this up lately. Stella is in the self-feeding/mess everywhere stage and this stuff is great for her to spoon up. I love it because it is a protein and a complex carbohydrate. It is great for very young kids up to adults. The whole fam can eat this super healthy stuff.
It's kind of like rice or more similar to the look of couscous. Delish!
4. Rockaholic. I've been on the search for a good dry shampoo for years now. I usually wash my hair every other day. I have just entered the 3 day grace zone!!! This stuff is the best I have found and it smells fabulous too.

4. This recipe! (watch the video) You have to like spinach. If you do, TRY IT!!! It is delish! I just made it for the fam tonight and Shaun licked his plate clean with is rare when Im the cook. I usually only rave about recipes if they are yummy and healthy. This is so good for you, easy to make and ready in about a half hour, max. It is pretty much a perfectly balanced meal. I made it with the above QUINOA... wonderful.
Just try it... I promised my frosted flake french toast was yummy and many have agreed,
who makes regular french toast anymore...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gabby's 4th Birthday Party

Chef Gabby

She requested a hot pink and gold Hello Kitty Cake.
Thank you so much Heidi, Jenn and Jentry!!!
Gabby's party was a blast. The kids had a great time and I'm so glad we had a good turn out. I went for the zero stress, zero responsibility and had it at Little Chefz! AWESOME!!! It turned out so cute and was totally worth the experience. In the end I'm positive it ended up saving me money.

Seriously, Gabby had such a special time being the "head chef" and she felt so big!
I hope you enjoyed the party in pictures.
They are backwards but you get the idea. It for sure won't be our last party there. Gen did a great job with all the kids. She is awesome.

(I can't believe this whole month has come and almost gone already. I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. Lots of milestones and adventures to record from my girls to look back on).

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Interview With Gabby @ 4

What is your thing to do? Play Barbies, big and tiny.
What is your favorite food? Jumping beans, abacado, quesadillas, Pony snacks (fruit snacks)
Who is your favorite Princess? Actually all the Princesses but mostly Jasmine and Sleeping beauty. (this answer changes daily...)
Who is your favoite friend? Well just Tae and I like Addy Coughlin.
What time do you go to bed? in 100 hours. (wow)
Do you like preschool @ Barefoot? Yes, but I'm sad I won't see Cinjun ever again. Now who can I marry when Im bigger than Tae?
Where do you live? North America in St George and I love my house.
Why do you love your house? Because it's made out of brick. (um, it's not...)
What is your favorite color? Pink and Aquarine. I like rainbows too.
Can you write your name? I want you to do it in yellow.

Some words you say that crack me up:
Hanzatizer= hand sanitizer
Chuckie Jesus = Chuckie Cheeses'
Alman and the Chic Munks
Chicken Dale
Aqua aring = Aquamarine

Gabby @ {four}
Little lady you just light up my whole world. You are absolutely the sweetest little girl I have ever seen. You're still very shy around adults you don't know. You always say nice things (remind me to) and you thank me for EVERYTHING! You are so into shoes it scares me. You love a good lip gloss and still hate to get your hair done but you don't fuss anymore.
Just today in Costco they were giving out the new yogurt Creamies for free and Gabby said, mom, "what do you say"? I was still talking to the lady and she kept saying, "mommy, what do you say?" OH!! Hello. "Thank you". Then she said, "Thats right mom, good job".
What a little cutie you are.
Also a few weeks back we were delivering your birthday invitations and you said, "Mom, I actually don't want a brother anymore. Could you pull over and say a prayer to ask Heavenly Father for a girl now? Me and Stell will be quiet and fold our arms." I about died laughing! You are so funny and I have no clue how you think up what you say.
What I love the most about you is how many times a day you hug me, kiss me and tell me how pretty I am. I am so happy and proud to be your mommy.

One last story I want you to know... Recently when you were at Church you brought home a page you colored in Sunbeams about Adam and Eve. We talked about them when I put you to bed that night too. When were were about finished you asked if Eve got put on the naughty bench for eating that fruit?
Something like that happened to her right? lol.
I Love You GABBY!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Twas' the night before the princess turned 4!

...Still 3...

Here is some of her birthday stuff. I had to write this part down because it is so her and I want to remember these things. I picked up a ton of the Stella McCartney stuff from the Gap while in Vegas with my sisters. It was so expensive originally and they were practically giving it away in the store. I had already given her most of her clothes before her birthday but I left this leopard shirt and gingham jacket in the bag with her bday dress and baday outfit. She took one look at the shirt and jacket and said, "who is this for! It's NOT mine!"

I always make sure the moment my kids wake up on their birthday things are all decorated and set out for them so that every second of their day is all about them. I loved making this "banner" for Gabby simply because she loves banners and merit badges (thanks to Max and Ruby)...

More to come on her special day!
For now, I love you Gabrielle.