Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grandpa Ken

Easter 2007

A picture for Grandpa

Gabby is a total "arts and crafts" nut! She asks to color or make a craft about a zillion times a day.
She loves to draw a picture and tell me every detail and what it all is.
This day she decided she was gonna make a 'valentime' for Gramps. She just loves my dad and always talks about him.


She asked me one day as we left their house, "mom, why does my grandpa always kiss you on the lips?" I said because I'm his baby girl like you're mine. and she said, "oh, I think I'm gonna start to kiss him on the lips too". She is so not a lip kisser! She will kiss me or Stella on the lips and that is it. Rarely can Shaun get a kiss on the lips. So I thought that was pretty funny.
Another thing I want to remember her saying about him was last week when I was taking her to gymnastics in bloomington I told her I had to run to my moms really fast to get some allergy medicine then I'd be right back to watch her. She said, "is my grandpa gonna be home?" I don't know Gab, "well tell him I miss him but he doesn't have to worry about Gabby because I'm okay, I'm just at my gym class."

The day she colored the 'valentime' She said it was Grandpa riding his cow, chasing a pig at his ranch. I just love how many legs the cow has and that the pig has arms and hair.
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RickAndGina said...

Cute updates!! They are getting so big!!! I love the pic of her on the chair.