Friday, August 6, 2010

Stella - 20 Months

...Lots of this...

1. Lots of tears and opinions have entered into your life... We are having a few meltdowns a week but nothing mom can't handle.
2. goes to the outside freezer for popcicles several times a day.
3. Loves eggs, yogurt, Quinoa, beans, corn, hotdogs, spaghettios, soy beans and juice
4. is starting to resist nap time on occasion but I don't let her win.
5. Misses Gabby when she is away for any period of time.
6. Had a case of COXSACKIE virus! It was awful!! Temp of 104 for 2 days and I could barely get it to lower. Ulcers in her mouth, would not eat much of anything for 4 days. Gogurts, popcicles, and dibs saved us.
7. Loves to play with Gabbys toys.
8. Loves her new puppy Max. Slaps her Knees and says here Max.
9. Is the best girl and growing up right before my eyes!
10. Is a climber! oh boy...

Stella needs to slow down! She is getting so big and it is breaking my heart. I used to get excited for new milestones. Now I don't. It means their childhood is in fast forward or something. It's going by too fast. I can't stand it!! Here Gabby is back in school and Stella is rounding the corner of 2 years old! Soon I'll be potty training her and getting her a big girl bed. I'm hoping it slows down a bit for my sake! I love this little girl. She is a joy.


erica said...

crap. she's ready for the potty AND a big girl bed?? i must be in denial with ivy. not sure we're ready yet. ha.
yes, coxsackie was the worst! glad stella's over it now. she's so darling. ha, love that little cry face :)
and im dying over gabby's school outfit!

erica said...

ps. yes my mom did buy your car. she/we love it!