Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Talk is cheap, but this stuff ain't for sale.

I realize nobody cares what your kids say BUT, Big but, this is my place to write what is important to me. With that being said... Oh how I love how Gab's mind works. This girl is a talker, detail oriented and fascinated by the world around her. My mom tells me almost daily to write down the things she says so I can always remember her budding personality. Lately she has really been throwing some good ones at me. So, I'm gonna try and go back and record my top faves and I will keep them coming for my sake and hers:
I had just put the kids in the tub and was about to get in the shower myself while they played. Gabby looked at my (obviously scary naked) body and said, "mom! why do you have all that hair down there!?" I said, Well Gab, When you start to get older and your body changes you're gonna start growing hair there and other places too. Like your armpits and legs". She said, "it is so ugly mom. I'm not going to keep my hair, I'll just shave it everyday." And ps, It's not like I have a huge unkept bush my any means! She must have noticed my stubble... Wow, that's embarrassing.

Stella ripped a smelly fart out right next to Gab and she was so annoyed. Saying, "UGhhh! Stella! You're gonna make my breath stink!"

"mom, when is like a cleaning person gonna come work on our house?"

On our way to school a GINORMOUS dog had its head out the sunroof of the car in front of us.
Gab says, "mom! that dog is like saying, I'm the king of the world, not God anymore!"

That is all for now.

Back in this business...

It has been far too long since I've blogged because now when I look at these pictures I realize my children are almost a year older! This is crazy talk. When and how did life move at such an incredible speeding rate? I'm not down with it.So much has kept me busy but if I don't blog, I don't "scrapbook". I also have taken far too fewpictures of my gorgeous girlies.So I guess I'm gonna give this another try but please keep in mind it's all for my little family to have a nice web of memories so I'll just have to brag on them a little here and there.
This has been the happiest year of my life and I know their smiles and spirits are a huge part of why. They love me to no end and willingly accept me with such genuine love. Motherhood brings me such joy!